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Pain After Lipoma Removal

Had lipoma out from middle back 6 wks ago, have had non-stop soreness pulling from wound! WHY?? I feel very depressed, have been referred to... READ MORE

Muscle or Nerve Damage with Forehead Lipoma Removal?

I had a small lipoma removed from the right side of my forehead by a plas. surgeon a week ago. It was performed in the hospital under gen. anest. The... READ MORE

Stitches in Neck From Removal of Benign Tumor. It Feels Sore?

Hello, I had a rare benign tumor removed from my neck back in Feb. this year. I still have feeling lose and soreness. I went to see my doctor on May 1... READ MORE

Can a Lipoma Result in my Leg Being Sore?

I have been diagnosed with a lipoma on my right lower leg, just above the ankle. my whole leg is sore right up to the knee. the actual bump on the leg... READ MORE

Redness & Numbness Following Removal of Lipoma?

I had a lipoma removed from the base of my neck (right-hand side along collar bone) on Wednesday. I have numbness from my clavical down to the top of... READ MORE

Ganglion or lipoma? (Photo)

My doctor guess it was ganglion and come to find he said it was lipoma and no thing was not send in to the pathology it been 2 months since I had... READ MORE

I Had Lipoma Surgery about 2 weeks ago. And my arm is very sore. Any suggestions?

My Elbow To Shoulder To The Spot Where I Don't Hve Any Feeling At it's Super Sore And I Was Wondering Does That Mean I'm Doing To Much With My Arm At... READ MORE

Is still a little sore, is that normal?

Had Lipoma remove from the upper area of my back in between my shoulder on 09 /16/2014, nine days later they remove the drain and a week later the... READ MORE

I have an egg-sized lump in the middle of my chest that my doctor says is a lipoma.

I have an egg-sized lump in the middle of my chest that my doctor says is a lipoma. He says he has seen these before in other locations and did not... READ MORE

Soreness and tenderness 3 months after lipoma surgery. What should I do? (Photo)

When I raise my arm is hurt ... Under the armpit the cut it self is very sore and tender and kinda swollen still what should I do. Go to the doctor or no READ MORE

What can I do and not do?

Had lipoma removed from shoulder yesterday. He said not to lift anything. Is very sore today as I did laundry cooked and basic stuff. Am I not to do... READ MORE

I have a palpable node below elbow, what could it be?

The node is approx 3-4 cm and has been there several months. It is not painful just sore at times. Is not visible and has not increased in size. What... READ MORE

Large leg lipoma removed & still sore with swelling almost 4 months later. Will it go? Or get better?

I had a lipoma removed from the outside of my thigh at the top in October 2016, it was the size of a small melon & still have swelling. I had a... READ MORE

Should I see my surgeon again? (Photo)

About 10 days ago I went to get a lipoma lump removed. After the surgery I didn't feel much pain, so I didn't take any pain killers to ease whatever... READ MORE

2 years after lipoma surgery, armpit has no feeling & is very sore

Should I Go Visit A Doctor About My Armpit Cause Its Really Sore and painful and very numb what should I do about it .??????? READ MORE

I had a lipoma removed on my forehead, there's still a bump 7 days later -- will it go away?

7 days ago I had the lipoma on my forehead removed, the swellings and all have gone away after 7 days but I still feel a bump at the same place the... READ MORE

Female (37) Sore Lumps on Rib Cage, Growing, 1 Large Taco'd Mass at Edge of Left Rib Cage. Do You Think It's Only Lipoma?

Found lumps on rib cage, both sides, seem to be growing, they are always sore. They affect everything I do. I can feel them all the time. No lumps in... READ MORE

Arm pain & revision needed? Fixed scapular lipoma surgery 3 days ago… (photos)

Had a lipoma (5 cm?) removed under general anesthesia. It was partially fixed to the muscle. I wonder if I will need to have it revised. Internal... READ MORE

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