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Do Lipomas Interfere with Nerves ?

My husband has a lipoma on his left shoulder blade the size of a golf ball and loses the feeling in his arm every so often, suffers alot of backpain... READ MORE

Best Surgeon and Method for Removal of Lipoma at Base of Neck?

I've had lipoma approx. 15 years w/no issues. Last year growing and more painful - appears to be interfering with neck nerves (dizziness, sharp... READ MORE

Facial Lipoma Next To Eye

Hello! My husband is planning to get a facial lipoma removed, and the lipoma is actually right next to his right eye. The doctor's have told him... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal from Behind Knee - Is It Possible for Nerve Damage to Affect the Ligament?

I had a lipoma removed behind my knee, just above the joint. Now I have numbness below the skin from the wound to the mid-section of the calf and I... READ MORE

What is the chance of nerve damage from lipoma surgery ?

I have lipoma under my jaw line. The tumor is the size of a grape. I had a ct scan and the doctor says it is against my nerve. I have a little pain... READ MORE

Numbness / Weakness 3 Days After Lipoma Removal

I had a 1.5 x .625 in lipoma removed about 2.5 inches above my wrist bone. It is now three days post surgery and I am still having sustained... READ MORE

Lipoma on Forehad Recurring for 4th Time in 12 Years, What Should I Do?

I've had it removed each time by plastic surgeon and each time I* have nerve damage to left eye which causes my eye to be a little smaller. It is... READ MORE

What type of surgeon should operate on my lipoma in my arm, just south of my elbow; concerned about nerve damage? (photo)

Per the radiology report: it's a well encapsulated fatty mass in the antecubital soft tissues along the proximal radial cortex measuring 5.0x3.2x3.1... READ MORE

Nerve damage and repair after lipoma removal from the forehead. Is it permanent?

I loss the sensation from the top of my scale after moving a lipoma on top my eyebrow. The nerve affected is more likely the supra-orbital nerve. If I... READ MORE

Could my lipoma be causing nerve damage and more?

I have a lipoma in my S3 vertebrate body, bulging my L4 and L5 discs. I have been in serious pain since 2001. I now have carpal tunnel in my hands and... READ MORE

I had a large lipoma removed from my middle-upper back. Why am I having bad pain ?

I had the lipoma removed Nov. 2, today is Jan. 23. Lipoma was size of a "squashed softball" and after two weeks from Nov 2, the drain was removed.... READ MORE

Do I have permanent nerve damage?

Had small mass removed from scalp under local anistetic. 1/3 of my head is numb after two weeks. I am very worried it's perminate! READ MORE

Should I wait to remove lipoma?

Half dollar size lipoma forming on the right scapula. Located where my bra strap sits,not visible but can feel it. The surgeon said it is deeper than... READ MORE

Nerve damage and stinging after removing a lipoma in forehead?

I had a small lipoma, about an inch wide, removed from the left side of my forehead. After the surgery there was a large swelling, about the size of... READ MORE

I've been monitoring a lipoma on the underside of my ribcage for 7 years to be exact (via MRI scan). Pros and cons?

I'm in my 70's in great health. My last scan in April 2016 indicates that it has grown slightly and should be considered for removal.The thoracic... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal from base of Skull. I have a lipoma & has grown to approximately 4 inches wide by 2 inches high. Any suggestion?

I decided that I must remove it, and met with 4-5 plastic surgeons. Some suggested a local anesthesia in office, while some suggested full anesthesia... READ MORE

Is there a doctor in Omaha, Nebraska or even in another state who removes Episacroiliac Lipoma also known as a back mouse?

To Whom It May Concern: Hello, I am in a hospital in Omaha, Nebraska with a diagnosis of Episacroiliac Lipoma - back mouse. I have been through all... READ MORE

How to remove a Lipoma at the back of head?

There are two lipomas located at the back of my head and i want to remove them but im worried if there will be any nerve damage. Is there a... READ MORE

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