Hips + Lipoma Removal

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I Have Multiple Lipomas on my Thighs and Hips. They Are All Very Tender to the Touch, but a Couple in Particular on my Right?

Thigh above my knee are very painful. I get burning pain and numbness in the area. Should I see a physician and get them all removed at once under a... READ MORE

Lipoma - Should I Get a Biopsy?

I have been to the doctor today about a lump which has been growing on my left hip/buttock, my doctor was sure it is a lipoma, i dont feel confident... READ MORE

Safer Between Liposuction and Surgery for Lipoma Removal?

What is the safest way to get rid of lipoma: Liposuction or surgery? The lipoma is on the left hip and 10 cm. in size. READ MORE

What treatment is appropriate For Pea Size to Kumquat Size Limpomas?

I have had 2 lipomas removed from an upper arm about 15 yr ago. They did not return in that spot. Pathology confirmed lipoma. In the past 5 years,... READ MORE

Does this sound like a lipoma or something more serious?

I've been having severe left thigh and hip pain for the last 3 weeks. 1 week ago a mass 7cm x 3 cm suddenly appeared on my upper thigh. Er doctor did... READ MORE

What is the Treatment of Multiple Lipomas?

I have multiple lipomas on my right arm and. around hips..they are small..one of the is tender..few of them have appeared 2 to 3 years back ..but now... READ MORE

Can You Have a Lipoma and Fat Necrosis in the Same Close Proximity?

A lump on my hip, under the skin, not on top. the doctor said irregular borders, & could not be seen on ultrasound, no blood vessels on US either,... READ MORE

How should I get rid of lipomas under my arm and on my hip?

I have a lipoma on my under arm about 2 inches and I have 2 more small lipomas on mu hip about 1 inch each I feel pain some times,Can you please... READ MORE

Should surgery be performed for a 3.0cm intramuscular lipoma adjacent to the anterior inferior left iliac spine?

I was in a car accident 3 months ago and have had increasing pain in hip since...now it is to the point of shooting pain during certain movements and... READ MORE

I have two large lipomas on my hips to be removed. Each estimated at 10 inches in diameter and each weighing 5 or 6 pounds.

These were removed by liposuction, but they came back exactly the same. Can't fit into an airline seat or an ordinary chair with arms on it. Clothes... READ MORE

Is a lipoma a tumor or cancer? (Photo)

I am 21 yers old. before 3 yers from i get small lipomas cyst in my hole body like:hand,leg ,hip or back side of body so know idea about this ? READ MORE

Why Did my Lipoma Shrink?

I had a lipoma about the size of a lemon on my hip for several years. It was never biopsied but several doctors assured me it was nothing more than a... READ MORE

Hemangioma + Lipoma

I have had a large hemangioma (dark red and flat)on my right hip. It has has basically remained the same since birth. After a fall, I developed a... READ MORE

I have had the lump on my hip for about 5 years. Does this look serious? (photo)

I have had the lump on my hip for about 5 years, it started about dime size through the years now it's nickle to quarter size. I never went to Dr.... READ MORE

I have a 10cm un enncapsulated lipoma in my right hip?

My surgeon said it needed to be done under a GA and that a drain would be necessary because of the size and depth of the lipoma. My question is how... READ MORE

I have a lipoma between my spine and my ilium/ hip bone - should I have it removed?

Know one will listen to me - I have major pain coming from there - every doctor keeps going to my spine and telling me that I have degenerative disc... READ MORE

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