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I Have Multiple Lipomas on my Thighs and Hips. They Are All Very Tender to the Touch, but a Couple in Particular on my Right?

Thigh above my knee are very painful. I get burning pain and numbness in the area. Should I see a physician and get them all removed at once under a... READ MORE

Lipoma - Should I Get a Biopsy?

I have been to the doctor today about a lump which has been growing on my left hip/buttock, my doctor was sure it is a lipoma, i dont feel confident... READ MORE

Safer Between Liposuction and Surgery for Lipoma Removal?

What is the safest way to get rid of lipoma: Liposuction or surgery? The lipoma is on the left hip and 10 cm. in size. READ MORE

Does this sound like a lipoma or something more serious?

I've been having severe left thigh and hip pain for the last 3 weeks. 1 week ago a mass 7cm x 3 cm suddenly appeared on my upper thigh. Er doctor did... READ MORE

What treatment is appropriate For Pea Size to Kumquat Size Limpomas?

I have had 2 lipomas removed from an upper arm about 15 yr ago. They did not return in that spot. Pathology confirmed lipoma. In the past 5 years,... READ MORE

What is the Treatment of Multiple Lipomas?

I have multiple lipomas on my right arm and. around hips..they are of the is tender..few of them have appeared 2 to 3 years back ..but now... READ MORE

Can You Have a Lipoma and Fat Necrosis in the Same Close Proximity?

A lump on my hip, under the skin, not on top. the doctor said irregular borders, & could not be seen on ultrasound, no blood vessels on US either,... READ MORE

Is a lipoma a tumor or cancer? (Photo)

I am 21 yers old. before 3 yers from i get small lipomas cyst in my hole body like:hand,leg ,hip or back side of body so know idea about this ? READ MORE

I have two large lipomas on my hips to be removed. Each estimated at 10 inches in diameter and each weighing 5 or 6 pounds.

These were removed by liposuction, but they came back exactly the same. Can't fit into an airline seat or an ordinary chair with arms on it. Clothes... READ MORE

How should I get rid of lipomas under my arm and on my hip?

I have a lipoma on my under arm about 2 inches and I have 2 more small lipomas on mu hip about 1 inch each I feel pain some times,Can you please... READ MORE

Should surgery be performed for a 3.0cm intramuscular lipoma adjacent to the anterior inferior left iliac spine?

I was in a car accident 3 months ago and have had increasing pain in hip it is to the point of shooting pain during certain movements and... READ MORE

What type of doctors are quilified for large deep tissue lipoma removal?

I have a large extremely painful lipoma deep in my lower left hip area. I have neuropathy in my feet, bladder problems and can't have any kind of... READ MORE

Lipoma pain in back and left side hip

Hi I noticed two lumps in my back when I was 15 years old about the size of a .. Now I'm 40 and have about six to 7 lumps from the size of a soft ball... READ MORE

Is there any way to obtain insurance carrier/provider approval for removing lipoma (it is near the hip)?

Last I had lipoma removal was many years ago, now i have one near the hip. generally considered cosmetic, but can this be deemed medically necessary,... READ MORE

Why Did my Lipoma Shrink?

I had a lipoma about the size of a lemon on my hip for several years. It was never biopsied but several doctors assured me it was nothing more than a... READ MORE

Hemangioma + Lipoma

I have had a large hemangioma (dark red and flat)on my right hip. It has has basically remained the same since birth. After a fall, I developed a... READ MORE

I have had the lump on my hip for about 5 years. Does this look serious? (photo)

I have had the lump on my hip for about 5 years, it started about dime size through the years now it's nickle to quarter size. I never went to Dr.... READ MORE

I have a 10cm un enncapsulated lipoma in my right hip?

My surgeon said it needed to be done under a GA and that a drain would be necessary because of the size and depth of the lipoma. My question is how... READ MORE

I have a lipoma between my spine and my ilium/ hip bone - should I have it removed?

Know one will listen to me - I have major pain coming from there - every doctor keeps going to my spine and telling me that I have degenerative disc... READ MORE

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