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Fluid Buildup After Lipoma

I had a Lipoma surgically removed from my rib area. Surgery was one week ago, I have a lot of fluid buildup which is very uncomfortable. No drain tube... READ MORE

The Fluid After Lipoma Removal Has Turned Very Hard and Produce Sharp Pains Sometimes, Normal?

I had a lipoma removed a month ago. The area around the incision was left swollen far beyond normal, according to some, but the doctors chose not to... READ MORE

What is the Name of the Swelling That Occures After the Removal of a Lipoma Under my Arm?

I had a Lipoma removed 9 days ago from under my arm.There is swelling where the surgery was.This was drained,what is the name of this accumilation of... READ MORE

Does lipomas leak any fluid that have a bad smell to it?

The growths on my back was diagnosed as lipomas a few years back and I had one removed ,but the things on my back leaks a fluid and smells bad which... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Fluid Building Up Over and Over 3 Weeks After Lipoma Removal? (photo)

I had a lipoma removed from my upper rectus abdominus on March 7, 2012. I have been back to my doctor twice because the area around the cut has become... READ MORE

Seroma/scar Tissue/pseudobursa After Lipoma Removal. What To Do?

My PS went in a 26 yr old gall bladder scar to flatten it out which left a hard lipoma. He recently went back in the same scar to cut out lipoma and... READ MORE

One month after axillary lipoma removal from armpit - should I still see this much fluid drainage? (Photo)

I had 2 lipomas removed from my armpits 1 month ago. Drain came out on day 7 with less than 15 cc of fluid. The incision has left me with a flap and... READ MORE

Lipoma removal under local anesthesia but no drain? (Photo)

I had a lipoma removed under both armpits. The one in the picture was 18g. The 1-inch incision was done under local anesthetic and the procedure was... READ MORE

I had a large lipoma removed from my thigh. One month later I have a large amount of fluid build up. Why won't my PS drain it?

I have seen my surgeon three times. Told him it hurts to even sit down. He just says check back in a week.Why will he not drain it. It is three times... READ MORE

Lipoma has been removed and drained once but has reopened and is now bleeding. (photo)

I had my 2nd lipoma removed a month ago and had the fluid drained last week as well as stitches removed. since then it slowly started to hurt and... READ MORE

Lipoma on spine has been removed, but continues to fill up after being drained. Suggestions? Will it ever go down? (Photos)

I had a lipoma fatty tumor on the base of my spine size of lemon. It was not tethered but was deep. I have had it drained once where he got 63cc's out... READ MORE

Large lipoma upper arm removed & one month after aggressively coming back. Could this be a sarcoma and was mistaken for lipoma?

The mass was large and developed slot of fluid and turned blackish in color no drain tube ... One month after it agressavly coming back with pain took... READ MORE

How long does it take for space from Lipoma removal to grow in?

I had a large lipoma about 8cm removed at the end of may. no drain was put in, nor did he say to wear a binder until after f/up visit..which he... READ MORE

Lipoma large red and Infected - green discharge on scalp. (Photos)

Finally after 8 yrs Lipoma rupture last Nov.2016 thinking finally was over, I was wrong it gradually began to grow huge then turn RED. 2 months ago it... READ MORE

Lipoma wound after removal keeps filling with fluid.

Grapefruit size. Not encapsulated. No drain placed during surgery. Benign. Drained by needle aspiration. READ MORE

How to Remove Fluid Already Collected Under Skin

I did the operation for removing a lipoma one month ago the last two weeks i felt there is fluid collected under the skin which i feel not comfortable... READ MORE

Why am I having so much drainage after lipoma removal?

I had a multiple lipoma removed from both the hands and both thighs using liposuction techniques with minimal scars.Post operation I had a swelling on... READ MORE

Is fluid build up normal two months after having lipomas removed from outer thighs?

I had surgery a little over two months ago. I have seen my surgeon and he said everything looked fine. I have been to the emergency room twice now.... READ MORE

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