Armpit + Lipoma Removal

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Lipoma Removal on Armpits Recovery

I will be having a lipoma removed from under both armpits. How will my recovery be? Will there be things I won't be able to do because I will be cut... READ MORE

I Have a Lipoma Under my Armpit What Should I Do?

I have a lump under my arm pit it,s been there for 9 years,i had a cat scan ,it showed no trace of any lump so what is it,? READ MORE

Pain and Numbness in my Armpit After the Surgery?

I have had a surgery for the excision of a sebaceous cyst in my armpit 9 months ago.Now i can see two small white coloured spots on the wound and the... READ MORE

I've Had a Lipoma In My Left Armpit Since 2003, And This Year Is Started Growing. Can I Use Deodorant?

I've Had a Lipoma In My Left Armpit Since 2003, And This Year Is Started Growing. Can I Use Deodorant? READ MORE

Benign Bump? (photo)

I have a 1/2 inch benign bump under my armpit (had it checked out by a doctor) and wanted to know what the effort, cost, options, healing to get it... READ MORE

I'm Experiencing Discomfort After Surgical Lipoma Removal from Armpits. What Should I Do?

10 days ago, I had 2 fist sized lipomas removed from underarms. Two Jackson-Pratt drains were in place but both fell out after 3 days of recovery.... READ MORE

I think I have Lipoma?

I have very small under the skin lumps that are soft and kind of hard when I press on them. I have some on my upper left back, under my left armpit,... READ MORE

What sort of precautions should I take after Lipoma removal?

I do have Lipoma in armpit and around fist size, operation is this week. What hygiene and food precautions I should take after operation. How long... READ MORE

One month after axillary lipoma removal from armpit - should I still see this much fluid drainage? (Photo)

I had 2 lipomas removed from my armpits 1 month ago. Drain came out on day 7 with less than 15 cc of fluid. The incision has left me with a flap and... READ MORE

Lipoma removal under local anesthesia but no drain? (Photo)

I had a lipoma removed under both armpits. The one in the picture was 18g. The 1-inch incision was done under local anesthetic and the procedure was... READ MORE

I have a large lipoma in my armpit. How long will the recovery be? (Photo)

I have a large lipoma in my armpit, it's about 8-10cms. I have having surgery in about 10 days, I've been told it has to be under general as its deep... READ MORE

Lipoma under the armpit. What are the risks of getting it removed?

I went to the doctor's today, & he said I have a Lipoma under my armpit. He said he couldn't do the operation in the doctor's office because there are... READ MORE

How Long For Recovery After Lipoma Removal?

I am having a Lipoma removed from under my armpit. How long would recovery be and will I be able to drive without damaging the healing/scar? READ MORE

Have Lipoma Under Left Arm Pit Surgery in 2010, Area Still Large Compared to my Right Side?

The area healed well no pain and I was about the same size on both sides of my chest. About 6 months after the surgery My left side swell up again to... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal for Patient with Sensitive Brachial Plexus?

I have big sized Lipomas in both armpits. What are treatment options? Having sensitive brachial plexus area, I need some clarification about surgery... READ MORE

I had a lump under my right armpit which turned out to be fat. I had it removed but it grew back. Any suggestions?

I had a lump under my right armpit which turned out to be fat. I had it removed about three years ago but now it's grown back. Is this normal? READ MORE

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