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What Kind of Doctor to See to Remove Back Mice?

I have had back pain for several years and am only 23 years old. There are 4-5 moveable "nodules" on both my left and right sacroiliac... READ MORE

Deep Lipoma in Upper Back Require Surgery?

Hello i am 22 and i have Lipoma inbetween my sholder blades the doctor says it is very large and deep he is doing a MRI to confirm how deep it is. He... READ MORE

Can You Remove a Forehead Lipoma Through the Scalp or Hairline to Hide the Scar?

I had a head injury when I was 14, now 21 I still have what I researched to be a Lipoma. It is rather small but I was considering having it removed by... READ MORE

Should I Have my Back Lipoma Removed?

I am 18 and I have a lipoma. I was born with it and my dad has them. It looks like I have a little hump on my back. I was going to get it removed... READ MORE

Will Having a Large Lipoma Underneath my Bicep Removed Leave a Large Scar?

I have a large lipoma (9cm) on my left bicep that my doctors tell me is underneath my muscle which is not as common as most.This being said, my left... READ MORE

Should Lipoma Be Removed and What Are my Options?

I have a lipoma on my mid-back to the right of my spin (partially underneath my bra strap) that is about 2x3 inches. We were traveling over a month... READ MORE

I think I have Lipoma?

I have very small under the skin lumps that are soft and kind of hard when I press on them. I have some on my upper left back, under my left armpit,... READ MORE

Lipomas Treatment On My Forehands and Thighs?

I am 23 years old and have multiple lipomas over my forehands and thighs . I got one large lump surgically removed and I am worried about treating the... READ MORE

Do I have a lipoma or something else?

I am a male (22) with a small lump in my left chest which 2 doctors have said is lipoma. I have had it for 6 months and it's seems grow slowly but is... READ MORE

I'm an 18 year old male with 100 Lipomas (all under 1 inch) covering my body. What is your advice for removal?

Doctor i'm a 18 yr old male and i get embarass with this lipomas i have, i have 100's of them on my body all of them under one inch, if i think about... READ MORE

Is this a Lipoma? Can I get it removed? (photo)

I am 20 years old with a 1 year old boy and not long after I gave birth I noticed a small lump above my belly button so I went to my GP and she told... READ MORE

Is a lipoma a tumor or cancer? (Photo)

I am 21 yers old. before 3 yers from i get small lipomas cyst in my hole body like:hand,leg ,hip or back side of body so know idea about this ? READ MORE

Will I be able to get this fatty cyst removed and get it covered by insurance? Will it grow back if surgically removed? (Photo)

I went to the doctor when i was 14 and got a CT for a bump on my left eyebrow. He said it was a noncancerous fatty sack and insurance would consider... READ MORE

Is removing lipoma at the back of head risky for nerves ?

Hello I am a 22 year old male and i have a lipoma at the back of my head near the occipital region. I have had only one lipoma at the left side, but... READ MORE

Any suggestions for lipoma in my hand? (photos)

Hlw Dr. i am 22 year old . i have too many lipoma in my hand , chest and thigh of small size , how it can be cured? READ MORE

How to Decrease Lipoma, Do You Have Any Treatments For This?

Hi I m 21 now whn I'm 18 lipoma started in right arm but now I have plenty in my body example stomach left arm right arm..I can't continue my gym as... READ MORE

18 and have a lump on my back. It's big and it hurts my back when I sleep. Will I have to stay overnight when I get it removed?

When sleeping in certain areas my back hurts awhile ago my cousin put all his wait on my back he is tall and i heard my back pop or crack my back hurt... READ MORE

Lipoma all over the body; what is the best treatment?

Hi i am 23 years old and i feel lipoma 20years old but now i have lipoma in my all over the body above 20 pieces and dons't stop for comming so how to... READ MORE

Treatment for episacral lipoma?

I am a 20 year old female from the Uk and been diagnosed with an episacral lipoma and was wondering what the treatment is??? READ MORE

If I lose my weight, will my lipomas will be more visible than now?

I am 20 year old i have around 50 lipoma my dad also have some its genetic in my family My BMI is obesity i was preparing to lose my weight but want... READ MORE

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