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Lipolysis Injection Side Effects

I had a lipolysis injection two weeks ago,and everything was fine till yesterday skin hives appeared on the injection place and it is too itchy and... READ MORE

Can Lipodissolve Under Chin Damage the Submandibular Glands?

I had liposdiiolve performed to remove my "double chin". The needles did not hurt that bad, but a half hour later I was in intense pain. My... READ MORE

Severe Reaction to Lipodissolve: Should I Be Worried?

I had lipodissolve at a local aesthetic medical seminar as a model. I did not have immediate complications but after about 2 to 3 hours, i developed... READ MORE

Lumps a Year After Lipodissolve

I had about 4 Lipodissolve treatments a year ago and the lumps never went away. I also seem to be getting bigger bulges where treatment was done,... READ MORE

Does This Amount of Swelling Look Normal After Lipodissolve? (photo)

Why do they call this a "lunchtime" procedure if you are so swollen you cannot go out for a few days without people saying "WHAT the... READ MORE

Weight Gain Possible After LipoDissolve?

I know someone that has gained over 100 lbs after LipoDissolve and cannot find any reason for the weight gain. Has ANYONE had this problem and if so... READ MORE

Lipodissolve Bumps and Bruises

I had lipodissolve done around 6 months ago on my outer thighs. I still have bruising and nodules. I look worse than I did before. Has anyone found... READ MORE

Fluid Retention After Lipodissolve?

I had Lipodissolve 5 days ago, and I'm very swollen, it seems from fluid retention. I've gained 10 pounds. Is this normal? I had injections on the... READ MORE

Lipolysis After Facial Liposuction

I had a face liposuction but I didn't get a leaner face. Will Lipolysis improve my results? READ MORE

How Long Does It Take Before Results Are Seen with LipoDissolve?

How long does it take before results are seen with LipoDissolve for the abdominal (upper and lower)? I had 2 treatments and I have not seen any... READ MORE

No Results After Two Lipodissolve Treatments

I have had two Lipodissolve treatments. I did not see anything and I was measured. My doctor only does one injection in the site and moves the needle... READ MORE

Upset Stomach After LipoDissolve

I Had Lipodissolve on my Inner Thighs. After I Got Home I Felt Queasy. I Had a Small Piece of Bread. Within an Hour, I Had dinner. Almost immediately... READ MORE

6 weeks post op cortisone injection in the hip. Can Cortisone Injections Cause Fat Atrophy?

I received a cortisone injection in the hip (upper buttocks) for severe allergy symptoms about 6 weeks ago. I just noticed a large indentation in the... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to See Results from LipoDissolve?

I want lipo dissolve on my abdomen and thighs.How soon will I see results? I don't have a photo. All my weight is on my stomach (abdomen and breasts)... READ MORE

How Long Does Swelling After Lipodissolve Last? Is It Normal To Have Gained a Few Pounds?

Hello, I just recieved my first lipodissolve treatment on my lower abs this past wednesday. Althought I was aware there would be swelling, the extent... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of Skin Discoloration After Lipodissolve?

I had three series of injections with Lipodissolve with good results on the back of my legs and thighs but have bad discoloration now. It almost... READ MORE

How Long Before I Will See Results with Lipolytic Injection?

I inject myself daily , with lipolytic injections , for 3 weeks now. I have not seen ANY cm loss yet, how long before I will start to see any results?... READ MORE

How to Fix Lumpy Tummy After Lipodissolve?

I had the Lipodissolve injections 2 years ago, I still have the lumps and my tummy is all lumpy looking. How do I get rid of them? READ MORE

Treatments for Bruising and Lumps from LipoDissolve?

I've had several IPLs on my thighs due to bruising from LipoDissolve. My last LD tx was two years ago and I still have it even with the IPL--it's... READ MORE

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