Lumps a Year After Lipodissolve

I had about 4 Lipodissolve treatments a year ago and the lumps never went away. I also seem to be getting bigger bulges where treatment was done, especially my abdomen. Is there some way to get rid of this? I'm kind of scared and wish I had never had it done.

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Lumpy Bumpy after mesotherapy with lipodissolve

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This is why our society advises us to not perform the procedure.

That having been said, its done. So what do you do now.

Did you gain any weight since having the procedure. This can make the irregularities worse.

Consider a 6 week course of manual lymphatic drainage.

Endermologie may help soften the firm areas.

Some physicians have reported improvements with external ultrasound.

Others beieve in external radiofrequency treamtments: Alma Accent

Surgery is also a possiblity. This may improve but not eliminate the irregularities. However, be educated and seek a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon and realize that there are risks to any procedure including revisionary procedures.

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