Can Lipodissolve Under Chin Damage the Submandibular Glands?

I had liposdiiolve performed to remove my "double chin". The needles did not hurt that bad, but a half hour later I was in intense pain. My neck was swollen more to the right. And now 10 days later the left side is healing but my right side had a lump right under my chin. It is too high to be the thyroid.

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Please avoid lipodissolve

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Lipodissolve is not FDA approved and unpredictable results and complications can occur.  I don't know if your salivary gland was injured or if you got a hematoma, but I think your before picture looks just great and looks much better than the current afters.  Hopefuly the swelling will resolve but I'd also advise seeing a qualified ENT surgeon.


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My first advice is that you never have lipodissolve again.  It is not FDA approved, results can be unpredictable, and complications are relatively frequent.  My general impression is that you suffered some form of inflammation of your submandibular gland (sialoadenitis).  This can occur spontaneously, but based on your history, it seems likely it was related to your treatment.  I would advise that you see an Otolaryngogist about this issue, eevn if the problem resolves completely.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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