Lip Lift Videos

Lip Enhancement With Restylane Silk

Dr. Jason Emer performs a lip enhancement treatment on this woman with Restylane Silk, which enhances and plumps the lips with minimal swelling. It consists of hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar found in your skin and lasts up to 6-9 months. VIEW NOW

PermaLip 101: Learn About Lip Implants (GRAPHIC)

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen discusses what Permalip is and how it's performed under anesthesia. This video contains actual operating room footage. VIEW NOW

PermaLip: A Permanent Lip Enhancement Solution (GRAPHIC)

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen explains what Permalip is and does a live demonstration in his office. VIEW NOW

Lip Enhancement: How a Lip Lift Is Performed?

Dr. Marc Pacifico explains what the lip lift surgery entails. VIEW NOW

Lip Enhancement: What Is a Lip Lift?

Dr. Marc Pacifico explains how a lip lift is an excellent way to rejuvenate the mouth and improve facial proportions. VIEW NOW

The Doctor's Recommendations: How to Care for Your Face After Your Injection Treatment

Dr. Victor Chung talks about the advantages of Botox or filler injections, as well as some simple recommendations for taking care of your face afterwards. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Demonstrates Lip Enhancement Using JuvéDerm XC

Dr. Kate Kleydman discuses using Juvederm XC to create fuller, more youthful lips. Juvederm XC in the lips can last up to 12 months. Occasionally, patients will need additional treatments as soon as 6-to-9 months. VIEW NOW

These Twins Get Facial Touch-Ups Using Botox and Volbella

Dr. Kevin Tehrani uses small amounts of Volbella and Botox to help tweak the various fine imperfections that bothered these young ladies. Volbella is perfect for filling around the mouth, and Botox smoothes the under eye bumps. VIEW NOW

No-Needle Lip Lift With Volbella

Dr. Shamim Shakibai's nurse, Katie, uses an advanced injector technique that allows this woman's lips to be plumped without needles, using one syringe of Volbella with a cannula. VIEW NOW

Quick Juvederm Ultra Lip Filler Walkthrough

Dr. Justin Harper shares this quick lip filler video where his master injector, Stephanie, uses Juvederm Ultra to plump and fill this woman's lips. VIEW NOW

Improving Aging Signs Around the Mouth With Botox

Dr. Leif Rogers demonstrates a Botox treatment for the mouth area. When injected carefully, Botox can improve the look of an aging mouth by causing the lips to flip out for a more youthful pout. VIEW NOW

Volbella Walkthrough for Lip Enhancement

Dr. Justin Harper shares a quick Volbella walkthrough treatment video. Dr. Harper's master injector, Danielle, shows us how and why she uses Volbella to plump and create fuller lips. VIEW NOW

Before & After: Plump and Enhance Your Lips With Restylane Silk Injections

D.r Jason Emer shares the before and after results of a young woman who wanted to enhance her pout. He injected Restylane Silk to plump her lips with minimal swelling. The results last around 6-9 months. VIEW NOW

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Plump Lips and Eliminate Lip Lines With Volbella

Dr. Leif Rogers demonstrates Volbella, the newest filler from the Juvederm family. It's ideal for adding subtle volume to the lip and to soften lip wrinkles. Results from Volbella last up to one year. VIEW NOW

See a Live Lip Enhancement Injection

Dr. Rupert Critchley demonstrates a live lip enhancement procedure on this model's lips to show how quick the procedure is. VIEW NOW