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I Hate the Lip Lift the Doctor Gave Me. What Can I Do to Redo the Big Scar He Left Me?

I had a gulf wing lip lift about 4 weeks ago and it looks terrible. There is a big scar on my top lip and lots of scar tissue. I'm very upset... READ MORE

Bull's Horn Lip Lift Revision?

Does the Bull's Horn Lip Lift eventually fall or need to be redone? Also, I am having a difficult time finding a board certified surgeon who performs... READ MORE

I had a lip lift procedure almost 2 weeks ago now. I am devastated. Do I have to wait for Lip Lift Revision?

Please help. I had a lip lift procedure almost 2 weeks ago now. I am devastated and have not had he courage to go back to work or even see my friends.... READ MORE

Can Anyone Fix my Lips After my Disasterous Lip Lift? (photo)

I went to the same doctor for multiple revisions, not because I'm a perfectionist, and I don't expect perfect symmetry, but because each surgical... READ MORE

How to Fix Bad Results from Bullhorn Upper Lip Lift?

Years ago, I had a Rhinoplasty and was very happy with the results. Then I had a bullhorn upper Lip lift a year ago. Now my lip to nose ratio has... READ MORE

Lip Lift Revision. What type of suture should I expect will be used in the revision?

Please help, im looking for a lip lift revision. I had a gull wing lip lift 3 years ago. I am really upset and paranoid with the indented scar that... READ MORE

What Type of Lip Lift Did I Have?

I had a "sub nasal lip lift" but my scar is like a half circle beneath my nose,down toward my lip. What kind of lip lift did I have? I am... READ MORE

How to get rid of scars from lip lift? (photo)

Surgery was 3 years ago --stitches were small at first, but apparently my skin is thin and the stitches stretched... I would like to know if a... READ MORE

Am I a Canidate for a Lip Lift

I had a lip lift about a year ago and see there is no difference, I may not have expressed what i wanted to the doctor properly. i feel that my face... READ MORE

Had Bullhorn Lip Lift - Not Enough Taken out

Hi. I had a bullhorn lift a number of months ago, and while the result is an improvement, there's still a BIG space between my nose and upper lip.... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Gullwing Lip Lift Scar Revision

Had a gullwing lip lift 2 years ago, the surgeon made the incision 2 millimetres above the lip line boarder, now i'm left with a nasty indented... READ MORE

Repair Frozen and Uneven Upper Lip Lift?

My upper lip is uneven, and frozen after having a lift ten years ago, can anything be done to repair this? READ MORE

How Long Do I Need To Wait To Have a Lip Lift Revision?

Hi I had a lip lift done 4 weeks ago (i am 27). I am not satisfied. I asked my doctor to cut out more than 5mm skin as i a have big distance between... READ MORE

Lip lift revison - how long should I wait? (Photo)

Iam arabic lady so sorry for my poor.. I plan to do lip lift and i was 15mm and my doc cut off 4 mls and my face became better than before and iam now... READ MORE

Lip Lift & Lower lip Vy plasty; What techniques will give the best result and be safest?

I had lip lift & lower lip vy plasty= zero results EXCEPT a bad scar underneath nose & lump of scar tissue inside lower lip. Lower lip feels thinner,... READ MORE

is 1.3cm too much to take off during upper lip lift? (photo)

The doctor who is going to do my lip lift recommended to take off 10mm.. My distance right now as per the doctor is 2.3 cm... I am transgender woman..... READ MORE

Having lip lift revision with Dr. Haworth and having second thoughts. Should I be nervous after reading all the bad reviews?

Had a lip lift years ago w Dr.Eppley and was left with a bad scar as well as lower VY with no difference in appearance just scar tissue and nerve... READ MORE

Need lip lift revision. Can any doctor help? Just want what I had before to achieve this w/out fillers or tattooing. (photo)

After lip lift 2 yrs ago, very pleased w/results. Upper lip was full, just how I always wanted it and the distance btw nose and lip was much smaller... READ MORE

Lip lift permanent stitches left under the skin?

I had lip lift scar revision, surgeon left a long permanent stitch (the stitch across the wound) under my skin, there was a end of the stitch above... READ MORE

Can You Rebuild Cartilage Under Nose After Liplift? Will Numbness Go Away?

After my liplift the elevated areas of cartilage under my nose were cut away. Now I have bigger holes than before. I hate how it looks. Plus I am... READ MORE

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