Nerve Damage + Lip Lift

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I am not happy with a recent lip lift as I feel not enough skin was cut. What can you suggest? (photos)

My upper teeth still dont show and due to a previous jaw operation i show too much lower teeth as I have nerve damage, I would like to show more upper... READ MORE

Having lip lift revision with Dr. Haworth and having second thoughts. Should I be nervous after reading all the bad reviews?

Had a lip lift years ago w Dr.Eppley and was left with a bad scar as well as lower VY with no difference in appearance just scar tissue and nerve... READ MORE

Why are lip lifts not common and advised against?

My upper lip sits too low on my face and when I speak my upper teeth don't show because my upper lip covers them completely. I would love a lip lift... READ MORE

Can asymmetric smile be fixed by lip lift or other technique? (photos)

3.5 years ago, I had a brow/cheek lift that resulted in nerve & muscle damage. Left side of upper lip is numb and appears to have muscle atrophy,... READ MORE

Lymphatic Damage from muscle hemming lip lift. Would a lip reduction be possible?

When I had my lip lift, the muscles and nerves of my upper lip were damaged. My upper lip is long, puffy and flaccid and hangs below my teeth. I want... READ MORE

What's the best way to perform a lip lift, with stitching inside the nose or outside?

I have seen so many different ways skin can be cut, when doing a lip lift. I am not looking forward to scaring, but would deal with it over permenant... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done to lift the left side of my lip up? The nerve is damaged after an accident. (Photo)

I was kicked in the face by my horse 6 months ago. I had reconstructive surgery 6 plates to rebuild my eye socket - cheek bones - fractured skull... READ MORE

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