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Can I Have my Goretex Lip Implant Removed?

I had gore-tex implant put in my upper lip 6 years ago. I'd like to have it removed. Will most certified, reputable plastic surgeons be able to do... READ MORE

How Reversible Are Lip Implants?

I'm considering Lip implants. My mouth is small to begin with, and my lips -- especially upper -- are thin. I'm 57, so they're thinning... READ MORE

Looking for Specialist to Remove Gore-tex Lip Implants in the Los Angeles Area

I had the gore-tex strands put into my lips around 8 years ago. They are very hard and my upper lip is too large. I desperately need a specialist to... READ MORE

Will I have scar tissue after the removal of my Permalip implant? If so, is injecting hyaluronic filler into scar tissue safe?

I am getting my Permalip implant removed. It did not augment my lip to my desired size and I'd prefer hyaluronic acid injections. My question is, will... READ MORE

Are Lip Impants a Bad Idea? I Hear That Many People Want Them Removed, Is This True?

A nurse told me that there are many ladies who want their lip implants removed. Why? Are lip implants a bad idea? READ MORE

Distorted lip after injection while I had an implant? Is there ANY danger to getting filler after removal of Permalip? (photos)

5mm implant placed in upper lip. Added syringe of filler to lip with the implant in, & it made the lip distorted.Why? Is it bent? Should I get implant... READ MORE

Can any doctor explain how the lips heal after Permalip removal?

I had Permalip implants in for 1 month and had them removed last Friday (1 week ago). There doesn't seem to be any information on recovering from... READ MORE

Once Permalip tunnels are created will there be scar tissue if implants are removed 1 month post op?

I had Permalip implants placed in my upper and lower lips exactly one month ago. I'm going to have my doctor remove them in 3 days. Will there be scar... READ MORE

Lip implants look odd, makes me look perma-smiling. Is my only recourse removal now? (Photo)

Lip implants done 1.5 weeks ago, I am very uncomfortable w/ my results & not sure how to approach my doctor about it. When in for consult, I agreed to... READ MORE

I Am Thinking About Having an Old SoftForm Implant Removed - is This Likely to Be Difficult?

I had a SoftForm implant inserted about 13-14 years ago that I have never been happy with and have decided I would really like to have it removed. The... READ MORE

Will lips look normal if perma soft lip implants removed? (photo)

Do they cause people to feel like their smile is constrained/smaller? READ MORE

Removal of Softform Lip Implants?

I have had softform lip implants for 14 years and would like to have them removed as they have migrated to the outer edges of my lips. My concern is... READ MORE

Would removing my permanent lip implant leave me with aged lips? (photos)

Would removing my permanent lip implant leave me with aged lips dew to the empty space after removing the implants? READ MORE

Is there a way to insert the Permalip implant through the center of the lip? I had it removed but want it replaced (photo)

I had my Permalip removed because I liked the flexibility of filler. However, the removal of the implant was done from the center of my lip , which... READ MORE

How soon can a Perma Facial Lip Implant be removed?

How soon after the procedure can a Perma Facial Lip Implant be removed, if the patient is extremely unhappy with the result and swelling appears to... READ MORE

I have Advanta lip implants is it possible to get them removed?

I had these lip implants done about 4 years ago, I loved the result but still wanted to go bigger so I had a permanent filler put on top of them. Now,... READ MORE

Is there increased risk of getting filler in the lip after healing from implant removal in comparison to a natural lip? (photo)

Would like to get my lip implant removed and get filler but worried about the riskk specfically necrosis thoughts? also theoretically if necrosis... READ MORE

How painful is a dental block for removal of an upper permalip implant?

I am getting my upper implant removed soon and am in sheer terror over the dental block. I am actually afraid I will chicken out and be stuck with a... READ MORE

Wanting to hear what it would be like to have my Permalip implants removed? (photos)

I've had the implants for two years now 5mm top and bottom. I am pleased with them mostly, my smile has been altered and I have to almost strain to... READ MORE

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