LASIK Videos

Why This Man Decided to get LASEK

Dr. Emil William Chynn speaks to a man about his difficulties with vision and what he hopes to gain from surgery. The video then shows him after the LASEK procedure as he enjoys his new eyesight. VIEW NOW

Learn More About LASIK

Dr. G. Richard Cohen explains how laser eye surgery works and what can be accomplished for with today's technology in the field of vision correction. VIEW NOW

PRK and LASIK: What are the Differences?

Dr. Liviu Saimovici discusses two forms of laser vision correction surgery: PRK and LASIK. Both types can be used correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, but there are also several ways that they differ. VIEW NOW

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Are You a Candidate for LASIK?

Dr. Andrew Caster explains how not all people who wear glasses or contact are candidates for the procedure. VIEW NOW

Will I Need to Undergo Anesthesia for LASIK?

Dr. Andrew Caster explains the process to prepare you for the procedure. VIEW NOW

LASIK: How Long Is the Procedure?

Dr. Andrew Caster tells us how long it takes from start to finish. VIEW NOW

What Is the Recovery Time From LASIK?

Dr. Andrew Caster what to do after the procedure and what you can expect the next day. VIEW NOW

How Long Does Lasik Last?

Dr. Andrew Caster what you can expect from treatment and what happens if you still need glasses. VIEW NOW

Has Anyone Gone Blind From LASIK?

Dr. Andrew Caster discusses the risk of vision loss after LASIK. VIEW NOW

Does LASIK Hurt?

Dr. Andrew Caster explains if there is pain or discomfort during LASIK for vision correction. VIEW NOW

Can I Have LASIK Done Again If I Need to?

Dr. Andrew Caster explains what happens if you think you need to have LASIK a second time. VIEW NOW

After LASIK, When can I drive to work?

Dr. Andrew Caster answers this common question. VIEW NOW

LASIK: Can I Drive and Go to Work the Next Day?

Dr. Andrew Caster explains what to expect after LASIK vision correction. VIEW NOW

What Can't LASIK Do?

Dr. Andrew Caster explains explains how LASIK can correct vision in people with healthy eyes but it cannot correct diseases of the eye. VIEW NOW

What Does LASIK Do?

Dr. Andrew Caster talks about how LASIK laser vision correction can change your life so you'll no longer be dependent on glasses or contact lenses. VIEW NOW