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Dry Eye Causing Light Sensitivity After Lasik?

Had custom lasik 4 wks ago and am experiencing terrible dry eye, light sensitivity, and daytime glare. Is dry eye causing this? The light sensitivity... READ MORE

Headaches and blurred vision after Lasik enhancement. What can I do?

Hello, I had my initial Lasik surgery 5 yrs ago. I recently had a Lasik "Enhancement" done in June, 2014. My surgeon didn't explain to me that he... READ MORE

LASIK and Sensivity to Contact Lenses

Hello, I have weared contact lenses for years, until my left eye developed a chronic sensitivity towards contact lenses. I have tried various kinds of... READ MORE

I'm having rainbow glare after femto lasik done almost 2 months ago. Is this normal and is it temporary?

I am 34 yrs old, had a femto lasik for -4 myope correction 7 weeks ago. Everything was okay apart from some light sensitivity in the morning and a... READ MORE

10 years after LASIK, developed light glare. What should I do?

Hi , I have lasik 10 years ago. Now I have experience light sensitive/ night glare in past 1 year , what should I do? READ MORE

Extreme light sensitivity 6 months after Lasik.

I had lasik surgery done 6 months ago both eyes. Three months after surgery I was unable to watch tv, use computer , cell phone , read book or drive.... READ MORE

Why am I blurry in one eye 3.5 months after Lasik? My dominant eye is my right, and that's the one that is blurrier.

I had Wavefront Guided iDesign treatment: Doctors Final Refraction before: (OD) PLANO -2.00 x175 | (OD) -.50 -2.00 X 180 After Lasik: (OD) PLANO -.25... READ MORE

1 week post all-laser Lasik. Getting waves of sensitivity and can't keep my eyes open. Vision worse in one eye-all distances.

My right eye was healing fastest with best vision and least halo/haze. Night 4, I rubbed my eyes in my sleep. Woke up & that eye's vision was not as... READ MORE

Is painful sensitivity to light normal after LASIK?

I had lasik done 2 weeks ago at first both my eyes were fine but now my left eye is painfully sensitive to any light all light hurts my left eye is... READ MORE

Light sensitivity and eye pain after LASIK

Hello, I had Lasik about 6 months ago and have had extreme eye pain and light sensitive in my right eye since. I've seen some of the best Lasik... READ MORE

3.5 months after LASIK, and I have halos, ghosting, loss of contrast sensitivity, will it get better?

I had LASIK using intralase and allegretto wave eye q laser... The eye in question still has -.25 refractive error, and is showing no signs of... READ MORE

Quality of vision problems after 2 yrs of performing lasik.

I have done a femto lasik 2 years back and I have obtained a vision correction 20/20 . I am suffering since 2 yrs from the following symptoms - glare... READ MORE

Experiencing light sensitivity and halos

I had lasik surgery on August 2016 and smoked weed like 3 weeks back. I smoked a lot, then from the next day the light sensitivity started, I... READ MORE

Is loss of contrast sensitivity normal after LASIK (hard to distinguish objects in low light)? And will it improve with time?

I'm 3 months post op i had bladeless LASIK (intralase, allegreto wave q), and my left eye is -.29 (nearsighted), and I've noticed that my vision gets... READ MORE

Day/night glare and double vision after LASIK

I have floaters and minor glare (day/night) immediately after Lasik in 2005 for both eye (10 years back).In year 2013, visit ophthalmologist for check... READ MORE

Corneal Scar in Left Eye?

I have corneal scar in left eye (250 um) ,doctor told me to have dalk as prk cannot be performed it works for 150um scar depth and my epthelim layer... READ MORE

Is it normal to have computer light sensitivity after Lasik?

Few years ago I had a Lasik surgery and after few months my eyes became very sensitive when watching computer or TV screens. What can I do about this... READ MORE

I find my eyes have increased sensitivity to light after 2 months of laser eye surgery.

This sensitivity increases as the day goes by. By the end of the day they sometimes even hurt a little and I have to turn all the lights out in my... READ MORE

Light sensitivity and starbursting after lasik. 3 months since surgery

My lasik went great. I just had my 3 months appointment a few weeks ago and have 20/15 vision. The only issued I've been having is light sensitivity... READ MORE

Why is my vision not as clear after my eye was hit 2 weeks ago.

My boyfriend hit me by accident and luckily my eye was closed, but I notice my vision isn't as sharp as it was before. Will this clear up? It happened... READ MORE

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