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When Is It Ok to Rub Eyes After Lasik?

It's only been 2 weeks since LASIK. I have been so careful but last night, I rubbed my right eye while I was half asleep. I woke up straight away... READ MORE

I just had Lasik done yesterday and I accidentally just rubbed my eyes. Would this cause any damage?

I feel like my vision is a little blurry now. Is it possible that I have screwed up the procedure? What course of action should I take? READ MORE

Is It Ok to Rub Eyes after One Month of Lasik?

Also how can you tell if your flap is dislodged or wrinkled? READ MORE

I Rubbed my Eye 2 Times Gently in the First Day After LASIK Surgery?

I just did a LASIK surgery and bare in mind since my cornea wall wall thin it was done on the surface with no flap. I have gentle wiped my eye once... READ MORE

I Rubbed my Eye Very Badly and Had Blurriness for 5 Min I'm Afraid the Flap is Shifted or Dislocated Can That Really Happen?

It's 1 month after my lasik, after 5 min the blurriness was gone and I don't have pain or something but when I look in mirror I think I see the flap... READ MORE

LASIK Post-OP EyeShields and Eye Rubbing?

If eye shields are to be worn for approximately 1 week after LASIK in order to protect from rubbing of the eyes, why do directions say no rubbing eyes... READ MORE

Dear All Doctors, Can Lasik Be Done Again After These Symptoms? Will It Correct?

I am 21 years old male and had a lasik surgery an year ago with -2 nearsightedness in both eyes.2 weeks after operation i accidentally rubbed my RIGHT... READ MORE

How long realistically can you expect fluctuating vision/blurriness after LASIK surgery? Dislodging the flap day 8 possible?

I had the procedure done November 17. At the 1 day post op exam I was seeing better than 20/20. The second day I woke up and my left eye was a little... READ MORE

My LASIK operation was done 1 month ago. Yesterday night I rubbed my left eye and it's swelling

My both eyes lasik operation done 01 month before and yesterday night i rub my left eye and now litile swelling is over there and vision also slightly... READ MORE

50 days after my femto lasik surgery, I got red eye with severe irritation. Does my flap got dislocated?

50 days after my femto lasik surgery, i got red eye with severe irritation, unconsiously i started rubbing the eyes while sleeping, consulted a... READ MORE

Is it OK if I rubbed my eye after LASIK surgery?

It has only been 6 days since i had my lasik surgery and i rubbed it by mistake and now it hurts but i did not experience any blurred vision at all.... READ MORE

4 days since my lasik sight correction operation. I visited my doctor yesterday he says my right eye is totally fine?

..but my left is not healing because i rubbed it ... he again scrapped it (like the whole procesure again for the left eye ) he did this because of... READ MORE

Eye rubbing 5 weeks after Lasik surgery. Can it cause damage?

I had lasik surgery 5 weeks ago and rubbed my eye in the middle of the night. It was a significant rub and I woke up in a panic. I don't have any pain... READ MORE

Rubbing eye two weeks after LASIK and vision problem.

I had my Lasik on the on Feb 11, two weeks latter my vision still blurry. When I went for my check i was 20/30.left eye.20/25 right eye. is this... READ MORE

Doctor described a "ripple" in my eye after LASIK, should I be concerned?

I had lasik on Dec 30th. Right away the vision in my right eye was much better than my left. My left was almost worse than when I wore glasses. I went... READ MORE

Eye rubbing, sports like swimming and sometimes accidentally touching eye after LASIK?

After 2 to 3 months of lasik sugery is there any chance of flap to dislocat due to rubbing , swimming or accidentally touching while playing with... READ MORE

Rubbing eyes constantly 5 months after LASIK surgery, what should I do?

I had my lasik eye operation on december 28,2016, it was good but from 10th may,2017 i feel like rubbing my eyes constantly. what should i do? READ MORE

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