LASIK Post-OP EyeShields and Eye Rubbing?

If eye shields are to be worn for approximately 1 week after LASIK in order to protect from rubbing of the eyes, why do directions say no rubbing eyes for at least 4 weeks? What happens if someone accidentally rubs their eyes in the middle of sleeping say on day 10, or even 21? Shouldn't the shields be worn for the full 4 weeks?

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Rubbing Your Eyes After LASIK Eye Surgery

Like any party of the body, your corneas heal after surgery. Most problems from eye rubbing occur in the first few hours after surgery. By 24 hours out, the surface of the eye is generally healed. 


Normal eye rubbing is generally quite safe a week after LASIK, but why take the chance?  I always tell patients it is never good to rub your eyes whether you have had LASIK or not.  Rubbing your eyes can actually cause other corneal issues and so as a general rule it is better not to rub your eyes.

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Rubbing after LASIK vs LASEKs

If you rub or hit or knock your eye after LASIK the flap can move causing wrinkles and distorted vision


This isn't possible after LASEKs because there's no flap. This is why LASEKs are safer in athletes and military soldiers and cops and firefighters and why many of these agencies permit LASEKs but not lasik


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