Inflammation + LASIK

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2 Weeks Post-op Lasik with Inflammation?

Hello, Had bladeless Lasik with CustomVue done on 5/15, procedure went well. On 5/16 I was seeing 20/20 from both eyes. Now almost 2 weeks later, I'm... READ MORE

LASIK 2 weeks ago, perfect vision and no dry-eye, however feel a constant pressure in left eye and occasional headaches. (photo)

I had LASEK on 16-07-2016, my vision is currently near perfect and I have no dry-eye symptoms. However from around 7 days into my treatment I began... READ MORE

Corneal Edema 10 days after LASIK. Is this normal or something I should be worried about?

Hi, I had Lasik done 10 days ago and driving at night and low light areas have been terrible but slowly getting better, still not to the point where I... READ MORE

I had lasik surgery 6 days ago and my left eye is severely blurry. What are the chances my vision will stabilize?

The bluriness is so severe that i am having trouble functioning. My doctor checked for inflammation and dry eyes, both are fine. If this is due to... READ MORE

LASIK deep inner eye inflammation after 9 months? What structures might be inflamed? How to resolve the the blurred vision?

WaveFront Lasik 9 months ago, and doc says vision is 20/20 in both despite my right eye vision being blurry. If I wipe my eye there is a slight bit of... READ MORE

Can dry eyes and inflammation cause star bursts during the day on electronics?

I am recovering from inflammation which caused blurry vision, severe dry eye, star bursts during the day on electronics, I recently finished 4 weeks... READ MORE

Inflammation in Right Eye After LASIK How Long Does It Take to Heal It is 8 Days Later and Vision on Right Eye Blur?

My right eye doc indicates has inflammation his happy with progress my problem is world s blurred from my right eye more or less how long does eye... READ MORE

One eye taking longer to reach potential after LASIK. Is this common?

I had LASIK just over a week ago. Left eye is 20/20, right eye is 20/40. I dealt with some initial inflammation and epithelial sloughing during the... READ MORE

Should I be worried about my inflamed eye after LASIK eye correction?

I had LASIK eye surgery yesterday. I had my 1 day check up earlier today. I was told I have an inflamed right eye. Firstly, is this normal? I was told... READ MORE

I had uvites (inflammation) first in my right eye and then in left eye after 2 weeks of Epi LASIK and my right eye (Photo)

My right eye is blurry as compared to left eye. Also my right eye pupil is not restored as yet it's still enlarged even dilated by doctor my doctor... READ MORE

I had LASIK one month ago. I applied concealer this morning and inadvertently touched my eye. Will this cause problems?

I was on steroid drops for 2.5 weeks due to inflammation from an abrasion and debris under the flap. I also use daily inhaled steroids for a medical... READ MORE

Can post lasik stage 1 dlk be treated completely?

Had my lasik done 5 days back, on the 1st POD i was diagnosed with dlk right eye. Doctor asked me to continue using my steriod drops for a week,... READ MORE

Neovascularisation from Contacts. Suitable for LASIK?

Hi, i have neovascularisation in the white of my eye. Ive stopped contacts for 4 months now. Although this NV started a year ago i didnt know. I have... READ MORE

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