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Can I Stil Get Lasik if I've Abused Contact Lens Wear in the Past?

I admit that I am a contact lens abuser. For many years I have slept in them and my doctor has told me my eyes have been deprived of oxygen and I now... READ MORE

I StilI Have a Ghosting Image in my Left Eye After 2 Lasik Treatment Revisions

I stilI have a ghosting image in my left eye after lasik treatment, my doctor redo the treatment 2 times and now i still have the problem, i... READ MORE

Glare, Starbursts, Double Vision (Day and Night) @ 16 Months Post LASIK. DC Area.

Had LASIK 16mths ago and suffer from GASH & ghosting. Gets worse in low light but there's lots of glare during DAY (from headlights). Ghosting... READ MORE

Ghosting after lasik? (photo)

I had Lasik about one month I noticed that I was seeing shadows or double vision of the object that I am looking at just in my right eye ( I see 2... READ MORE

21 Months After LASIK, Distance Vision is Blurry with Ghosting?

3/27/11 Doc said I was nearsighted/astigmatism. Followup visits said I had 20/15 vision, even though letters appeared fuzzy. Explained having blurred... READ MORE

When will the ghost ,halo problem go away post LASIK ?

I did a LASIK almost a week ago and I'm facing certain vision problems,such as HALO and Ghost visions.It isn't that severe ,the vision is a little... READ MORE

The best time for the enhancement ? When should I expect glare and ghosting to go away ?

Whenever spoken of the general consensus has been that the enhancement should be done after 3 months. However my surgeon is insisting that i do it... READ MORE

2 months post-op LASIK, still ghosting/double vision in one eye. Is this normal?

So,I am currently 2 month post-op LASEK and still experiencing ghosting or double vision on 1 eye,its been on this eye for quite a while now...never... READ MORE

Slight ghosting/blurring 6 weeks post LASIK?

I had Lasik about 6 weeks ago. Since having the procedure I have noticed that I have a slight ghosting image only in my right eye that appears... READ MORE

Blurry vision 4 months after LASIK normal?

I had blade less LASIK 4 months ago and one of my eyes is still blurry, especially at night. During the day I see glows, and ghosting, and at night... READ MORE

Ghosting, both eyes, after repeated LASIK. Will it improve?

After 3-1/2 years ,3 LASIK treatments left eye, 4 LASIK enhancements right eye, (both astigmatism distance vision) the ghosting both my eyes still... READ MORE

4 days post op, I have bad night vision and ghosting after LASIK. Is this normal?

I had wavefront custom lasix 4 days ago and im having terrible night vision especially with stop lights and some blurred vision and ghosting. Its more... READ MORE

Treatment for halo/ghosting years after LASIK?

I have a lot of halos and ghosting, 3 years after LASEK. It stopped improving after the first year and driving at night is now terrifying. Is there... READ MORE

4th month post LASIK. Zero improvement in glare, halos. Ghosting at night and floaters in the day are a havoc. Please advise

I got glasses made to see if any of my problems are due to a refractive Unfortunately using glasses has only made my vision marginally sharp but... READ MORE

Ghosting 8 Years After Lasik, What Can I do?

Hi, I had lasik 8 years ago. I have always had problematic night vision and starbursts with all lights during the day but have coped with this. Now... READ MORE

Epi-Lasik Astigmatism Correction?

I had -0.75 with-0.75 cyl. in my eye before I underwent Epi-Lasik with PRK 7 weeks ago.Since a week after that I have been seeing ghostly images in my... READ MORE

How much should a residual refractive error of -.25 after LASIK impact night vision?

I had LASIK (intralase/allegreto wave eye q) 3.5 months ago, and my night vision in one eye is awful. I do have -.25 residual error in that eye, but... READ MORE

3.5 months after LASIK, and I have halos, ghosting, loss of contrast sensitivity, will it get better?

I had LASIK using intralase and allegretto wave eye q laser... The eye in question still has -.25 refractive error, and is showing no signs of... READ MORE

Would an Enhancement Would Be Recommendable for Me?

I had lasik surgery on my left eye in july 2012. My prescription prior the surgery was +1.50, -5.00 x 175 cycloplegic refract: +2.50, -6.00 x 175.... READ MORE

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