I StilI Have a Ghosting Image in my Left Eye After 2 Lasik Treatment Revisions

I stilI have a ghosting image in my left eye after lasik treatment, my doctor redo the treatment 2 times and now i still have the problem, i haven't dryness and i took (Alfagan eye drops) to reduce the pupil but i see the same ghost or shadow. my doctor finally said that he can't know the problem, now what can i do? thanks

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Make sure any dry eye is indeed treated

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Make sure any dry eye is indeed treated, even if you don’t “feel” dry, as the cornea can be less sensitive early in the healing phase.  This is due to the corneal nerves regenerating in the flap.  Also let the eyes heal for 3-6 months and see if the symptoms improve, which happens in most cases.

New York Ophthalmologist

Ghosting image after LASIK

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Those that have ghost images after LASIK generally have one of two possible problems.  Most common are those that have wrinkles in the flap.  This is unfortunately a relatively common occurence seen when people rub their eyes in the first week after their procedure.  For this reason, we are meticulous about correcting flap wrinkles early.  The other reason would be the presence of higher order aberrations which was seen most commonly before the advent of Custom WaveFront treatments.  My suggestion to anyone who has ghosting even after several treatmentes is to seek a second opinion from a qualified LASIK surgeon.  Commonly, different technology or fixing of the flap wrinkles can fix the problem.

Mark Golden, MD
Chicago Ophthalmologist

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