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Is 1.25 and 2.00 Astigmatism Mild or Moderate? Intralase Good for Me?

I am 35....i only have very very minor +0.25 farisightness in both eyes, which doesnt need treatment... however i have one eye 1.25 and 2.00... READ MORE

PRK Performed Twice?

I have had 2 LASIK procedures already (original and one enhancement). Several years since my LASIK enhancement surgery. My right eye has 0.75 of... READ MORE

Should I Have Mono Vision at Age of 38?

I'm 38 and I already had one eye LASIK 2 weeks ago which I obtain 20/20 vision. I have problem seeing close. If I do Lasik on the the remaining eye... READ MORE

Lasik Available for Severe Myopia +7.5 Both Eyes? I'm 35, Thanks.

Just wondering if there is any corrective procecure available to correct my vision. Approx +7.50 - +8.00 with astigmatism in one eye. Thanks READ MORE

LASIK Undercorrected Dominant Eye and Overcorrected the Other?

42 years old, had LASIK 6 weeks ago for myopia. Non-dominant eye was slightly overcorrected, about ~+0.25, the dominant eye is slightly... READ MORE

Lasik Vs Prk on High Prescription (-9) and Borderline Cornea (548 Microns)?

I've had 2 opinions for my -9 prescription and 548 corneas. Which would be a better procedure for me - Lasik or PRK? One doc recommended PRK and the... READ MORE

High Prescription Myopia -14D?

Hi I am 37 years old, my prescription is changing every year. Last year it did not change this year it changed. I am afraid I will go blind. Are there... READ MORE

I have high prescription hyperopia circa +12 and would like to understand if RLE is a feasible option?

I have recently started looking into the options of surgery for vision correction and have become aware of RLE. I am wondering if it would be an... READ MORE

I am considering Lasik. I have 498 and 506 micron corneas are they thick enough?

I am almost 40 yrs and have -2.0 in both eyes. They have been stable at -2.0 for 3 years. Had initial evaluation and told my corneas are borderline.... READ MORE

I'm 37 yrs old and done LASIK. After 5 days I have done eye check using machine and I still have number. Is this normal?

I am 37 years old and done lasik recently. After 5 days of lasik i have done eye check using machine and i still have number of 1.5 and 2. Doc said it... READ MORE

LASIK enhancement

I had LASIK 2005 for myopia, both eyes. 6 years later my vision was getting bad again, I got offered LASEK enhancement. I did my right eye 2 years... READ MORE

It's been 6 weeks post LASIK and I am still waiting for clear vision . It is very blurry and dr is assuring me all is ok.

My dr keeps telling me everything is fine but I am very frustrated as the vision is pretty blurry . I am 39 years old and my pre LASIK power was -5.00 READ MORE

Monovision reversed?

I had Lasik in 1999 at the age of 43 (they gave me monovision). In 2014 my retina detached in the distance eye. I am now legally blind in that eye.... READ MORE

I had Lasik 11 years ago but now need glasses again, is enhancement a good idea?

I had Lasik in 2004, my original prescription was -4.75 in both eyes. I was corrected to 0 in one eye and over corrected to +0.50 in the other. My... READ MORE

Is overcorrection is a normal side effect?

I am 43,i am near sighted -6.5 and -6.75 and a cylindrical 2.5 and after 10 days of custom lasik surgery I am overcorrected +1.25 for both eyes,is... READ MORE

Should I get Monovision?

I am a 40 years old female and had PRK 18 Years ago and now want to do a second surgery. Do not require reading glasses at the present. Have been... READ MORE

Best Eye Surgery for Me - 41 Yo Female?

I have -5.0 Rx. my cornea thickness is around 550-560. I have flat corneas (K around 42). I think my Pupils are 4.7mm? What type of procedure would... READ MORE

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