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Is 1.25 and 2.00 Astigmatism Mild or Moderate? Intralase Good for Me?

I am 35....i only have very very minor +0.25 farisightness in both eyes, which doesnt need treatment... however i have one eye 1.25 and 2.00... READ MORE

Should I Have Mono Vision at Age of 38?

I'm 38 and I already had one eye LASIK 2 weeks ago which I obtain 20/20 vision. I have problem seeing close. If I do Lasik on the the remaining eye... READ MORE

Lasik Available for Severe Myopia +7.5 Both Eyes? I'm 35, Thanks.

Just wondering if there is any corrective procecure available to correct my vision. Approx +7.50 - +8.00 with astigmatism in one eye. Thanks READ MORE

PRK Performed Twice?

I have had 2 LASIK procedures already (original and one enhancement). Several years since my LASIK enhancement surgery. My right eye has 0.75 of... READ MORE

LASIK Undercorrected Dominant Eye and Overcorrected the Other?

42 years old, had LASIK 6 weeks ago for myopia. Non-dominant eye was slightly overcorrected, about ~+0.25, the dominant eye is slightly... READ MORE

Lasik Vs Prk on High Prescription (-9) and Borderline Cornea (548 Microns)?

I've had 2 opinions for my -9 prescription and 548 corneas. Which would be a better procedure for me - Lasik or PRK? One doc recommended PRK and the... READ MORE

High Prescription Myopia -14D?

Hi I am 37 years old, my prescription is changing every year. Last year it did not change this year it changed. I am afraid I will go blind. Are there... READ MORE

I have high prescription hyperopia circa +12 and would like to understand if RLE is a feasible option?

I have recently started looking into the options of surgery for vision correction and have become aware of RLE. I am wondering if it would be an... READ MORE

I am considering Lasik. I have 498 and 506 micron corneas are they thick enough?

I am almost 40 yrs and have -2.0 in both eyes. They have been stable at -2.0 for 3 years. Had initial evaluation and told my corneas are borderline.... READ MORE

Second Lasik with 400 Micorn?

I had lasik 13 years ago. now I have again -0.75 and -025 in the eyes. My cornea thickness is around 400+ microns. Do you suggest me to have a second... READ MORE

I'm 37 yrs old and done LASIK. After 5 days I have done eye check using machine and I still have number. Is this normal?

I am 37 years old and done lasik recently. After 5 days of lasik i have done eye check using machine and i still have number of 1.5 and 2. Doc said it... READ MORE

Should I get Monovision?

I am a 40 years old female and had PRK 18 Years ago and now want to do a second surgery. Do not require reading glasses at the present. Have been... READ MORE

Best Eye Surgery for Me - 41 Yo Female?

I have -5.0 Rx. my cornea thickness is around 550-560. I have flat corneas (K around 42). I think my Pupils are 4.7mm? What type of procedure would... READ MORE

What is the difference between bladeless LASIK technique and Wavefront custom MICRO-LASIK?

I am 40 years old is it worth to have such an surgery now? which technique is better for my eyes? READ MORE

Price and Type of Treatment?

I am 36 years old male. I work in NY and live in NJ. I recently visited the Laser eye Center in Manhattan. I found them very pricey. However, I dont... READ MORE

One of my eye is -10 (lazy eye) , the other is -4. I want to go for lasik in lazy eye only, am I doing the right thing?

My age is 37 and i went to see my dr because i was having stress in my dominant eye. one of my surgeon told me to go for lasik after work up done in... READ MORE

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