Should I Have Mono Vision at Age of 38?

I'm 38 and I already had one eye LASIK 2 weeks ago which I obtain 20/20 vision. I have problem seeing close. If I do Lasik on the the remaining eye for -1.25, will it prevent me having to wear reading glasses later? (I don't need reading glasses currently) Will it be difficult for me to work seeing close? Also, would you rather treat both eyes to 20/20 and worry about reading glasses later or go with the option mention above? What is the pro and con?

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Monovision and Lasik

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The question asked is very appropriate and resonates with me very well. I had Laser Vision Correction performed in 1995, when I was 38. As an Ophthalmologist, knowing full well what happens to our ability to read in our 40's, I opted for my dominant right eye to be treated 100%(giving me 20/20 distance vision) and my left eye to be treated 95%(giving me 20/30 distance vision). I am now 55 years old and I am still enjoying relative reading glass independence. So, for me, it was a great choice. I don't feel I sacrificed(then or now) any distance quality or depth perception. Obviously, as a surgeon, my depth perception is crucial. While in my 40's, I did not need reading glasses at all, but decided to get a pair of over the counter reading glasses a few years ago to make reading at night a little easier. I still don't wear readers in the office or out socially, but in low light I now need some help. Interestingly, since the advent of Kindles and iPads, I find that when I am struggling at all, I can just change the font size and keep on going! So, I am a big advocate of addressing reading where it's appropriate. I would discuss it with your surgeon, though, and ask them to demonstrate the result with a contact lens trial to make sure you can tolerate the difference in the two eyes.

Baltimore Ophthalmologist

Monovision at age 38 with LASIK

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Congratulations on your good result for the first eye.  It was unclear from your question what your current Rx is for the untreated eye.  If you correct both eyes for distance, you will see well at near for now, although like you said, you will gradually feel the need for reading glasses after age 40. 


We generally don't correct someone with monovision at age 38.  Most often they feel that the vision in the near eye is not as good as they would like and they could have greater difficulties with night driving.


The exception we tend to make is if one eye is already slightly near-sighted.  In that case, we might treat one eye only and leave the other eye uncorrected to see how well the person likes monovision.  We can always go back and treat the other eye later.

Jay Bansal, MD
San Francisco Ophthalmologist
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Monovision LASIK at What Age

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Monovision LASIK is performed to delay the use of reading glasses.  Since you have recently had LASIK, why not wait and see how you adapt to your vision of leaving your

-1.25 D eye untreated.  If you cannot adapt, I would speak with the surgeon about your options, full treatment or partial correction.  A thorough discussion and showing you your correction in the office can help you the best option for you.  

Sandy Feldman, MD
San Diego Ophthalmologist

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