3 Weeks Post-op + LASIK

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Eye Strain by Lifting Weights After Lasik?

I had my lasik on Nov 2nd. Had really good progress and hit the gym only after 2 weeks as advised by doctor. First 3 days I did cardio & full body... READ MORE

I'm 3 weeks post op Lasik and my right eye has gone blurry. Why?

I had Lasik on NOV 5 2014. A few days after I was seeing perfect 20/15 in both eyes. 2 weeks post op and my right eye seemed drier and felt... READ MORE

Why am I having halos & starburst still after 21days of lasik?

I under went lasik on 3rd Jan, after 3 days i could see halos & starbursts only at night time. around street lights & bulbs, headlights,traffic... READ MORE

Had Lasik 3 Weeks Ago and Wet Eye Accidentally?

I had Lasik 3 weeks ago and while taking a shower a drop of water went into the eye, there is no discomfort but wondering if this is okay? or should i... READ MORE

My left eye is blurry after 3 weeks of LASIK. Is this normal?

I got Lasik done 3 weeks before and had 3.5 d power in both eyes.I am having no issues in right eye,but since the time of surgery I felt irritation in... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Lasik and Have Good Monovision, But Redness Seems To Be Getting Worse?

I am 3 weeks postoop lasik and have good monovision. I use lubricant but sometimes have gone 2-3 when real busy without. My vision is good but redness... READ MORE

I had LASIK almost 3 weeks ago it's still a little blurry and I have no distance definition is that a part of healing?

I was near sighted. I had the plugs put in & I still feel dry a lot of times. I can see but nothing is defined or clear. Still blurry most of the time... READ MORE

Eye sight fluctuations 2 weeks after LASIK. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had LASIK 3 weeks ago my left eye instantly became perfect and my right eye was kind of blurry but two days ago I woke up and suddenly my right eye... READ MORE

3 weeks after LASIK; they have a machine that says my eyes are 20/20 but my left eye is still blurry. Should I believe them?

I had lasik surgery on both eyes 3.5 weeks ago -astigmatism on both eyes + myopia on the left What worries me is that the vision on the left eye is... READ MORE

One Eye Blurry Post LASIK?

I had lasik 3 weeks ago . I've check my eyes 3 times post lasik . My left eye was good but my right still blurry at near and far . Im bit anxious... READ MORE

I'm 3 wks po lasik, with dry eyes when exposed to fan/eye muscle exercise, pain from light. Why is this and when will it stop?

1) When i wear antiglairs, they get comfortable out of light exposure pain. 2) I apply eyemist gel in eye before sleeping. Still exposure to fan make... READ MORE

I had Lasik surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have now got floaters in my right eye. I did not have them before the surgery.

 I noticed bright flashes of light 5 days ago and a couple of days ago noticed that I have a blurred spot in my right eye. Should I be concerned?... READ MORE

Is LASIK is permanent?

Done my lasik before 3weeks there is no problem in surgry but it gets blury vision in right eye will it heal are need to consult my surgen and will it... READ MORE

Clear vision after sleeping, blurry after 15 mins and the rest of the day. What could this be?

Had LASIK 5/1 and had an abrasion on left eye which was noticed at 1 day post op. Got a bandage lens on it and removed a week later. At 7 day post op... READ MORE

Double Vision !! Help

3 weeks after an attempt at lasik surgery I am still seeing double . My procedure was abandoned because a incomplete flap was made . The hinge of the... READ MORE

Is it normal to have blurred vision in my right eye after lasik?

Sir, I hve blurrnesss in my left eye after 24 days of lasix surgery, and my right eye is perfect. When i visited hospital then with the left eye i... READ MORE

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