2 Years Post-op + LASIK

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1.5 years post op Lasik, my night vision is still bad and I see star bursting/ halos. Will I still see improvements?

I'm a 24 year old male who had custom wavefront lasik 1.5 years ago with prescription of 4.75 in both eyes (nearsighted). My night vision is still... READ MORE

21 Months After LASIK, Distance Vision is Blurry with Ghosting?

3/27/11 Doc said I was nearsighted/astigmatism. Followup visits said I had 20/15 vision, even though letters appeared fuzzy. Explained having blurred... READ MORE

Post Lasik Blurred Vision?

I did my lasic operation 2 years ago , recently i am experiencing blurred vision while focusing on computer , tv and upon i wake up . What can be the... READ MORE

LASIK - should I get an enhancement?

I had LASIK (OD +3.25/-2.5x10 and OS +3.25/-3x152) and got a decent outcome (20/20 each eye but not crisp) Getting headaches from working on computer.... READ MORE

Is There a Treatment for Corneal Haze After Lasik Surgery & Srtiae Treatment Done a a Year and 9 Months Ago?

I had a lasik surgery 21 months ago.A week after operation, my doctor told me there is striae in my left eye that need to be operated on.I had the... READ MORE

Blurry Night Vision with Starburst Alost 2 Years After Lasik Surgery?

I had my surgery May 2010 and an enhancement (left eye) 8 months later. I've been battling problems with dryness and halos since then. I still have... READ MORE

Should I Undergo a Second Lasik Enhancement? (photo)

After my Lasik enhancement(2 years post Lasik)the vision in one eye became very good, however the vision in my other eye still has some haziness to it... READ MORE

Quality of vision problems after 2 yrs of performing lasik.

I have done a femto lasik 2 years back and I have obtained a vision correction 20/20 . I am suffering since 2 yrs from the following symptoms - glare... READ MORE

Blurry vision after LASIK

I had lasic surgery 2yrs ago but now i have blurry vision.so i want to do anulom vilom pranayam to improve vision.wherther it is beneficail? READ MORE

Will my dryness ever go away?

I had "bladeless" lasik almost two years ago. I am on restasis, was using systane but switched to retaine per my docs recommendation, am taking 2-3... READ MORE

2 years post-op Lasik: It hurts my eyes looking at the computer after few times

I have done lasik 2 years ago. Now a days I cannot tolerate lights of computer or mobile after a few minutes of starting the device. what may cause of... READ MORE

Blurry vision and sporadic inflammation on left eye after LASIK surgery. What could it be?

Hello, I had LASIK surgery on both eyes almost 2 years ago (23/09/2014) and for the first month my vision was perfect on both eyes, but after the... READ MORE

LASIK will continue to improve after 2 years?

I hear that most Lasik post op recovery are ridiculously fast and that in the next day people see 100% and all, but in my case the recovery was very... READ MORE

PKK eye surgery, my vision is poor -- can I have this surgery again?

I had the pkk surgery almost 2 years ago my vision was very poor. I had one eye done for near sighted vision I see much better than I did before and I... READ MORE

LASIK and Kickboxing? I had the procedure done a few years ago.

Can I Train Kickboxing or boxing after Lasik? I had the procedure done a few years ago and I really love the sport for the benefits it provides me. I... READ MORE

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