Post Lasik Blurred Vision?

I did my lasic operation 2 years ago , recently i am experiencing blurred vision while focusing on computer , tv and upon i wake up . What can be the causes ? Does it means that i am getting my short vision back ?

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See Your Doctor

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Two years after LASIK there are many things that could be causing your blurred vision and they may or may not relate to your prior surgery.  The safest course is to see your eye doctor and make sure that it is nothing serious.  It is certainly possible that you are experiencing regression, or that you are developing presbyopia, or if you are older a cataract, or dry eyes.  But please first make sure that it is not something that needs to be treated right away.

San Diego Ophthalmologist

Go for a check up

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The best thing you can do is go visit your Ophthalmologists to see what is going on. It could be multiple things, but it is best if you went.

Rajesh Khanna, MD
Beverly Hills Ophthalmologist

Blurred Vision 2 years after LASIK

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It sounds like you may be becoming farsighted or presbyopic.  It is typical to be more farsighted when you wake up in the morning.  However, if you are older than 45 years old, this becomes problematic because you are presbyopic.  This can be easily fixed with a monovision LASIK touch up.

Dr. Beyer

Craig F. Beyer, DO
Boulder Ophthalmologist

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