2 Weeks Post-op + LASIK

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When Is It Ok to Rub Eyes After Lasik?

It's only been 2 weeks since LASIK. I have been so careful but last night, I rubbed my right eye while I was half asleep. I woke up straight away... READ MORE

Post Lasik Reduced Quality of Vision in One Eye and Perfect Vision in the Other?

I have had a lasik surgery 15 days ago, my left eye seems to be working as expected with very sharp vision.However my right eye is suffering a bit... READ MORE

Blurring After Lasik Normal?

I had mu lasik 2 weeks ago and i went to my follow up visit and my doctor said my vision is 20/20 but with sign test i had some blurring which i also... READ MORE

I Am 2 Weeks out After Lasik and my Near and Far Vision is Still Kind of Blurry. Is This Normal?

I am having difficulty reading letters on paper and on the computer, which is 90% of my work. I haven't seen much improvement, even though I've been... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post-op Lasik with Inflammation?

Hello, Had bladeless Lasik with CustomVue done on 5/15, procedure went well. On 5/16 I was seeing 20/20 from both eyes. Now almost 2 weeks later, I'm... READ MORE

I'm Two Weeks Post Lasik and Going on a Cruise, if I Go on Deck at Night Without Glasses Do I Need to Worry About my Flap?

I'm Two Weeks Post Lasik and Going on a Cruise, if I Go on Deck at Night Without Glasses Do I Need to Worry About my Flap? READ MORE

Will not using my prescribed eyedrops after LASIK affect the healing process and will my vision be unclear forever?

I went through a customised lasik eye treatment 2 weeks ago. I started working on a computer two days after. Due to my busy work schedules i forgot... READ MORE

Will Using Computer Further Blurred my Vision After Lasik It's Been Two Weeks? How Can I Have Faster Recovery of my Cornea?

My number for myopia is 7. Last Saturday, they took off the protective lens and now I normally don't feel pain. My vision is not clear but improved... READ MORE

When can I go back to weight lifting after LASIK?

I had Eye surgery (LASIK) 11 days ago I do weigght lifting, yesterday i had an appoinment and the docotr said the healing process was going very well... READ MORE

Rainbow Glare Permanent Side Effect of Lasik?

I went in for a Lasik procedure 2 weeks ago. During the laser flap creation on my left eye I had a vertical subepithelial gas breakthrough. The doctor... READ MORE

2 weeks post op LASIK, I have blurry visions in dim light. Is this normal?

I had my Lasik performed on 11 July 2014 and it is now July 25. I have fluctuating vision and its really hazy in dim light and I cant drive at night... READ MORE

Smoking marijuana two weeks after LASIK surgery. Should I be worried about my healing?

I had lasik two weeks ago and I smoked pot last night. I don't smoke very often, it's just a once in a while thing. Should I be worried about my... READ MORE

Had Bladeless LASIK 17 Days Ago. Right Eye is Very Dry. How Long Will This Last?

Had bladeless LASIK 17 days ago. Right eye is still very dry. Using Refresh lubricating drops every hour, or half hour. Never really had dry eyes... READ MORE

Floaters after LASIK. Is it true that they do not go away?

I just had lasik done 13 days ago and started seeing floaters in my left eye about 5 days post op. I called my surgeon and he said these are normal.... READ MORE

Had Lasik 2 Weeks Ago and Touched my Eyes?

Had Lasik 2 weeks ago and while putting in my drops accidentally touched my eye with the tip of the drop bottle. Is the eye okay or should i go to the... READ MORE

Is it normal to see blurry from one eye 2 weeks after my Lasik surgery?

A little more than two weeks ago I had Lasik and even with the dry eyes it appeared to have worked but the day before my two weeks after, I woke up... READ MORE

LASIK 2 weeks ago, perfect vision and no dry-eye, however feel a constant pressure in left eye and occasional headaches. (photo)

I had LASEK on 16-07-2016, my vision is currently near perfect and I have no dry-eye symptoms. However from around 7 days into my treatment I began... READ MORE

12 days after LASIK, I'm getting a headache and pain in my eyes. Is this normal?

I had a SBK LASIK on 12 oct 2015 .Till 24 OCT evrythung was fine .My vision was clear and no other issues but suddenly after 24 october i have started... READ MORE

Had LASIK 13 Days Ago. Right Eye is Still Blurry. How Much Can Vision Change over Next 3-6 Months?

Had LASIK 13 days ago to fix minor myopia. But it was enough for me to want to get rid of my glasses. Left eye is now sharper than right for distance.... READ MORE

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