Post Lasik Reduced Quality of Vision in One Eye and Perfect Vision in the Other?

I have had a lasik surgery 15 days ago, my left eye seems to be working as expected with very sharp vision.However my right eye is suffering a bit blurry image , darkened, and hazy vision. Effect is even more noticeable at night when looking at illuminating banners or distant objects even in day light. As if I'm wearing a dirty contact lens on my right eye. The power seems fine though. My question is , will those symptoms improve by time. How long will it take? and why one eye only is suffering ?

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Reduced vision after LASIK

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The reasons for less than perfect vision after LASIK are many including the possible need for an enhancement, dryness of the eye and flap wrinkes to mention just a few.  I suggest that you ask your LASIK surgeon.  The nice thing about LASIK is that almost everything can be fixed.

Chicago Ophthalmologist

Post LASIK Results

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I assume your surgeon has seen you since these symptoms began and made certain that your flaps are not displaced and no other problems exist. 


If not, please see him/her right away! If there is no other cause, most likely your symptoms will improve.  15 days is quite early in the healing process and one eye being better than the other at first is not at all uncommon.


There may be some inflammation or debris under the flap and you need to ensure you are seen to resolve what the issue is. 15 days out you should have been seen at LEAST 2 times by an optometrist or your ophthalmologist. Make sure you get this handled quickly because if there is inflammation this could cause more problems.

Michael K. Tracy, MD
San Diego Ophthalmologist

POST OP LASIK blurring in one eye only

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Both eyes heal differently post op Lasik and sometimes one eye will take longer to reach its full potential.   However, there are also some healing problems and issues that need to be looked at by your eye doctor--  they will check to see if the prescription is correct, if the flap is well positioned and if there is any unusual occurrences such as a decentration or inflammatory swelling.   Most of the time the eye is just a little dry and thankfully almost everything has a 'fix' to it.    

Andrew E. Holzman, MD
McLean Ophthalmologist


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You should go back and see your surgeon

you may have DLK which is an inflammation under the flap

this would require steroids and maybe relifting the flap if it's bad

if you had Lasek this can't happen because you didn't have a flap cut

it could also be an under correction you would need an enhancement for

it's a bit safer doing Lasek on top of your prior LASIK if that's needed

good luck and hope this helped

Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
New York Ophthalmologist

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