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Limit to Number of Times You Can Get CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

I am 30 years old, 15 years ago I had terrible accident hence post-surgery scars on my face. My main aim is to make these scars look smaller. I have... READ MORE

What is the Best Method to PREVENT the Worsening of Perioral Lines (I.e. Vertical Lip Lines, Smokers Lines)?

I'm 31 and, in general, my skin is still very youthful. But after years of smoking/indoor tanning, I'm noticing volume loss above my lips and the... READ MORE

What's Best for Large Pores, Obagi Nu Derm or Laser Resurfacing?

What's best for large pores, Obagi Nu derm or Laser resurfacing? Which has less side effects? I'm 30 years old. READ MORE

Is It Possible to Receive CO2 Resurfacing on the Just the Nose?

I am a thirty-year-old female, and I have enlarged pores and two scars on my nose which I am considering having treated with C02 laser resurfacing.... READ MORE

One Side of my Face Looks Older Than the Other. What is the Best Way to Address This Issue?

My derm said this is likely a result from driving (one side of my face gets more sun than the other). I am quite bothered by this; I am only 25 and I... READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing or Dermabrasion for Uneven Skin, Premature Fine Lines and Acne Scarring?

I am 25 years old and have been in search of a treatment for uneven skin, premature fine lines, and some acne scarring. I still have some mild... READ MORE

Will Laser Resurfacing Help to Minimize Open/enlarged Pores?

I am a 25 year old male and i am fair skinned. Teenage acne has left some mild scarring but oil production has been a significant issue leading to... READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing for Hispanic Skin?

Hi I'm looking into using laser resurfacing to get rid of smile lines I'm 32 years old with olive skin and I would like to know what laser... READ MORE

Is Vasculitis a Contraindication for Laser Resurfacing?

I'm a 25 y\o female, five months ago i was diagnosed with vasculitis that the doctors weren't sure if it was henoch schonlein or reactive vasculitis... READ MORE

Does Laser Resurfacing Cause Eyelid Creases?

I am in my 30s. Had CO2 laser resurfacing done on my face and noticed creases under my eyes that I didn’t have before. I had a follow-up with my... READ MORE

Combination of Fractional Ablative and Full Non-ablative Laser Resurfacing?

I am a light-skinned Caucasion 33 year old woman. I have troublesome wrinkling around the eyes in particular, medium pores, raised acne scars, and... READ MORE

Better to Do Laser Resurfacing Before Effects of Sun Damage Appear?

I am 32 and considering doing laser resurfacing now, before the effects of tanning in my 20's really begin to show. If I get a procedure done now,... READ MORE

Is Hydrocortisone 1% Used on Face Twice Weekly for 6 Months Ok? Will It Cause Long Term Side Effects of Thinning and Crepiness?

The cream is to treat mild pigmentation caused by childhood sun damage and improve the overall appearance of skin on face, I'm 34. Ingredients are:... READ MORE

Laser & Bell's Palsy?

I am 34 year old and i have few signs of aging in my skin especially around eyes , i want to use CO2 or Erbium Laser for preventing aging of my skin... READ MORE

Will laser resurfacing be enough to fix my hooded eyelids?

I'm 27 and have noticed some minor hooding on my eyelids. It is more prominent on one side so the lower crease on one side makes my eyes appear... READ MORE

3 deep forehead wrinkles, and started eye wrinkles?

I'm 32 years old female. I've an olive skin, I've been extermely stressed for 2 years now. I've 3 deep forhead wrinkles, very rough and dull skin. I... READ MORE

Best advice for treatment of face and décolletage? 32 years old. (Photo)

I'm looking to get a treatment or laser resurfacing session to treat sunspots on my face and more importantly my chest. I'm 32 and treat the areas... READ MORE

Skin Condition? (photo)

Dear Doctors, Can you please check my skin condition and tell me if it could be improved? Is it normal to have such skin at 31 years old? Can I expect... READ MORE

What's the best laser for my Acne scars! (photos)

Been suffering from Acnee since I was16 I'm 29 now and hate my scars I still get few breakouts what would be the fastest laser to improve scaring... READ MORE

I have very bad scaring from acne. I also have enlarged pores and lines around my mouth. Laser resurfacing? (Photo)

What treatments would you recommend to help combat these issues? I was thinking about laser resurfacing, but I'm also thinking about being preventive... READ MORE

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