1 Month Post-op + Laser Resurfacing

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Ablative Co2 on Face. What is the Normal Recovery Period? (photo)

I decided to undergo an ablative Co2 treatment 4 weeks ago. I was told recovery would be 10 to 14 days and I am still red, swollen, have crusting... READ MORE

Can laser resurfacing cause blurred eye vision?

I had laser resurfacing one month ago. I've been having problems with my Vision for 3 weeks now. On the 6th day post procedure I woke up with what... READ MORE

Complication After Laser Scar Removal Procedure? (photo)

I'm 27. One year ago I started laser skin resurfacing to get rid of two small scars on my leg. They were scars after ingrown hair. I went through five... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait Between Laser Resurfacing Treatments?

Confused about when to evaluate/seek further treatment after Laser Resurfacing? Having undergone ablative/non-ablative fractional laser resurfacing... READ MORE

Brusing Under Eye Month After Laser Resurfacing Normal or Not?

Brusing Under Eye Month After Laser Resurfacing Normal or Not? READ MORE

Red with Itchy Breakouts After Laser Resurfacing

30 days post co2 full face resurfacing. I am very red and have hot itchy breakouts everyday for about 3 hrs. could there be a problem or am I a slow... READ MORE

Post Laser 1 month, skin turned into leather texture, not healing. Any suggestions?

4 weeks post laser resurfacing around mouth, feels and looks like leather, very bad texture, deep crevices. Have always had smooth soft skin, laser... READ MORE

fractional resurfacing laser after procedure effects. Why is my face now darker than before? (Photo)

I had a fractional laser treatment 4 weeks ago ,after 4 days my face looked at least 70% clear the past week it got all dark even darker than before... READ MORE

I had dot resurfacing done. How long before the redness is gone?

It's been 35 days and I still have redness around my mouth, cheeks and chin. Is this normal? All the other redness is gone. READ MORE

Skinfinity RF 5 weeks ago- are track marks and pigmentation permanent? (photos)

I had Skinfinity RF (machine by eclipse) done a little over 5 weeks ago for acne scarring . The machine was set to 70w and there was another setting... READ MORE

Why is my whole face covered with brown blotches one month after third laser resurfacing treatment?

I have had three treatments. The third was the first one that seemed to cause me to shed a lot of pigment. My face looked great at the 2-3 week mark.... READ MORE

I have a question about spots on my face a month after treatment?

I have done the recommended cream treatments, and have stayed out of the sun as much as possible, but lately it seems like some new spots are... READ MORE

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