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A Month After Laser Lipo Suction my Abdomen is Rock Hard and Lumpy.It is Tight and "Pulling" Under the Bust. Is This Normal?

A Month After Laser Lipo Suction my Abdomen is Rock Hard and Lumpy.It is Tight and "Pulling" Under the Bust. Is This Normal?? READ MORE

5 weeks post airsculpt lipo of full abdomen, flanks, lower back-why am I getting bigger? (photos)

36mother of 2-both C secs-did full trunk airsculpt lipo 5 weeks ago. Had over 2000 cc removed. Was thrilled about Day 2 & 1-2 weeks results!... READ MORE

I Had a Laser Lipo Procedure Done 1 Month Ago and See No Result Yet?

My stomach is still flabby and extended. I'm 29, 5'1 and weigh 118 pounds.... Do I wait this out, or did the procedure flop? READ MORE

Neck Looks the Same After Laser Lipo

It's 1 month since I had laser lipo under my neck. Not much fat needed 2 B removed just a little bump. I see no diff. People have had the same... READ MORE

Laser lipo on stomach 1 month ago with little improvement. Any suggestions?

I had laser lipo on my stomach and hips almost a month ago. My stomach looks the same as before the surgery. At first it seemed loose like swelling... READ MORE

Should post op swelling be expected after 1 month? (Photo)

I had laser liposuction abt 4.5 wks ago. For the last two weeks I have had some hardness in my stomach. .along with some burning. Today I seem really... READ MORE

Is one and a half pounds enough fat to remove from the abdomen through laser liposuction for a 5'6" 140 lb woman? (photo)

I had 1.5 lb of fat removed through laser liposuction about 5 wks ago (pre and post pics below). I still can't fit in my pre-op clothes and I look... READ MORE

Laser lipo of neck still wrinkled 1 month later, is it going to get better? (photo)

Hi I had laser lipo of my neck a month ago. The contour looks better but when I put my head back I see a lot of irregularities. Even when my head is... READ MORE

I had laser lipo done and now 1 month later my hips are huge! (Photo)

I had lipo done on my upper & lower abs & waist 6 wks ago (the doctor talked me out of getting my hips done).4wks ago I had my arms,back bra rolls &... READ MORE

I had laser lipo done 5 weeks ago - not enough fat has been removed!

I had laser lipo done 5 weeks ago - I don't believe enough fat was removed and I'm totally disappointed as it cost a lot of money and time has been... READ MORE

Can laser Liposuction cause permanent muscle and/or nerve damage?

I had laser lipo suction at sono bello four weeks ago I am still experiencing numbness pain and itching and hard lumps and bumps. I have very... READ MORE

how do I get rid of these huge lumps and swelling after lazer liposuction and is this normal after 4 weeks (photos)

Please help I have had lazer liposuction 5 weeks ago on the bottom part of my legs which have filled up with huge lumps and painful swelling, I had my... READ MORE

I had Lasar Lipo a month and a half ago and my stomach is still big. Any suggestions?

It's been 6 weeks since my lasarlipo and my stomach is still BIG! When will my stomach go down READ MORE

Abdominal laser liposuction - abdomen is very hard to touch. (photos)

I had abdominal Laser Lipo one month ago, I was told by the first month results will show 80% results. Based on the photos I'm concerned.... READ MORE

Very sensitive and some what warm a month after laser lipo (photo)

I got my inner and outer thighs done a little over a month ago. Only recently have I felt hyber sensitivity on the outer thighs. They are also a... READ MORE

How long after laser lipo can corrective surgery/touch ups be done?

I am 5 weeks post laser liposuction on my outer thighs and one side is larger than the other. I have seen my doctor and he has scheduled my... READ MORE

Is lower back swelling a normality, although it was not one of the areas I received Laser Lipo on & what can I do to reduce?

I had laser lipo 28 days ago on waist, hips, arms, front/back bra rolls, and upper and lower abs. I'm pretty swollen, which I know is normal, but my... READ MORE

My results have gotten worse one-month post laser lipo, is this normal? (Photos)

I am one month post laser lipo and my belly has uneven areas and hard spots. I know results take about 3 months but it seems like my results got worse... READ MORE

Does Soreness Mean You're Swollen After Laser Lipo?

Hello, I had (LASERLIPO) prolipo plus by sciton on my flanks and abdomin, im 5 weeks post op. My question is if im still sore to touch does that mean... READ MORE

Is this fluid normal after lazer liposuction? (Photo)

I have had lazer liposuction on my legs 4 weeks ago and my bottom of my legs are big bumps and my knees are huge with lumps really soar and tight my... READ MORE

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