Pregnancy + Laser Hair Removal

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Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal on Pregnant Women?

I am six months pregnant and am wondering if there are any issues with my receiving Laser hair removal on my legs and some Laser treatments on my face... READ MORE

Laser on Bikini if Wanting to Get Pregnant?

Does laser hair removal on bikini line affect pregnancy/fertility and is there any chance of birth defects if lasering over ovaries? READ MORE

I Had Bikini Laser Hair Removal Done 5 Days Before I Found out I Was Pregnant, Im 4 Weeks. Did It Harm The Baby?

I had laser hair removal done about five days before i found out i was pregnant, im 4 weeks, also used hydroquine & tretinoin for 1 day on the... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal if 6 Weeks Pregnant?

I have had my bikini line laser hair removal in the past and just found out I am 6 weeks pregnant. Can I carry on with my treatment? READ MORE

I Started Hair Removal Sessions and I Recently Found out I'm Pregnet. Can I Continue?

I'm only doing hair removal on my face,now that i'm pregnet should i stop my sessions? READ MORE

Is my Previous Laser Hair Removal Wasted Because I Am Pregnant Now? Growing Hair or Will It Go Away?

I had laser hair removal and have been "hair free" for about five years.. Well going through my pregnancy I am growing it all back and fast.. Is it... READ MORE

Can a pregnant woman be a laser hair removal technician?

Hi I'm not sure if I am pregnant yet however I was wondering if performing laser hair removal as on my clients would harm the baby? READ MORE

Will Laser Treatment Stop Me from Getting Pregnant?

I am trying for a baby at the moment and just wanted to know if having laser treatment on my bikini, legs, bottom and underarms will stop me from... READ MORE

Had Laser Hair Removal 2 While 2 Weeks Pregnant?

On the bikini, lower stomach, legs and arms . It was the day I was supposed to have my period so I didn't know I was pregnant. I'm so scared! READ MORE

3 Laser Sessions for Facial Hair Done, Could Not Continue Because I Became Pregnant,what Should I Do Now?

I have had 3 laser sessions for my facial hair...but now i became pregnant and discontinued it ...since i read in many sites that its harmful for the... READ MORE

Can I Operate a Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine While I Am Pregnant? I Am Currently a Technician.

I know that it is not advised for pregnant women to receive laser hair removal treatments. But what about the technician operating the machine? Thank you! READ MORE

Does Laser Hair Removal Treatment (IPL Treatment) Effect Pregnancy in Any Way?

I am starting to get really worried because I have already started the treatment and few people have told me that I will have difficulty concieving in... READ MORE

Barely 1 Week Pregnant and I Had a Laser Bikini Area Session, is It Dangerous?

I was probably just a few days or 1-2 weeks pregnant when I had one laser hair removal treatment (legs,bikini, and underarms area), want to know if... READ MORE

Should I Keep Shaving if I'm Stopping Laser Treatments Temporarily During Pregnancy? Or Can I Start Waxing/plucking?

I was getting laser hair removal for my upper lip and chin for 2+ years and I was at the point where I only got it every few months and shaved in... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Operate a Diode Hair Removal Laser During Pregnancy?

I work for a dermatologist and operate a diode hair removal laser, a pulse-dye laser, and an excimer laser. I just found out I am pregnant. Is this... READ MORE

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