Pain + Laser Hair Removal

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Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

I can take some pain (I gave birth!), but what can I expect from LHR? READ MORE

How to Minimize Pain During Laser Hair Removal?

I had laser hair removal in the past and it HURT!  I'm fearful of pain from my next laser treatment. READ MORE

Is Getting Laser Hair Removal on Underarms Safe?

I got my first treatment of laser hair removal about 1 month ago on my legs and noticed a huge difference. My mom noticed too and she is happy.... READ MORE

Severe Labial Burns Following Laser Hair Removal

On Fri.3/11,I had laser hair removal at the MediSpa at my plastic surgeons office. Treatment given by nurse. Intense pain and swelling during and... READ MORE

Bump and Itchiness after Brazilian laser hair removal (Photo)

I had my first brazilian laser hair removal session last Tuesday, after a day or two, it starts to have those red bumps and itchiness on the bikini... READ MORE

3 days post op Bikini hair removal, I got so many white bumps in vaginal area. It hurts and its itchy. Any suggestion? (photo)

I used Rivanol disinfection and Mupirocin ointment from today as my doctor said. The hair removal laser was I2PL and it required gels, maybe i was... READ MORE

Close to 5 Weeks Healing Time on Laser Hair Removal Burn?

I had my 1st session of Laser Hair removal almost 5 weeks ago, & ONE side of my face is burned and still healing. The laser center claims that the... READ MORE

Painful Sex After Laser Hair Removal?

I had 1 Lightsheer diode brazilian laser hair removal treatment, and it was itchy and had small red bumps that felt painful when walking. After 4... READ MORE

No Pain or Sensation During Laser Hair Removal - Is It Working?

I had my first treatment with Cutera laser and haven't feel any sensation or pain at all. I've heard I need to feel something so wondering is... READ MORE

Should I continue to get laser hair removal even though I have not seen results?

I got laser hair removal done a couple months ago and it was my 3rd time getting it done. I saw a difference for a little bit but then it was pretty... READ MORE

​After Laser Hair Removal, I felt an UTI infection. Is it safe to take antibiotics like Cipro after the treatment?

In the morning I did laser hair removal on my bikini area and arm pits. And later that day I felt UTI infection symptoms, I will go to the doctor... READ MORE

Is it possible to have Laser Hair Removal to the pubic area? How painful is it?

Is the pain tolerable down there lol , Instead of a full Brazilian Wax Id like to get a full laser treatment. Typically whats the average cost in NY ? READ MORE

Having painful sex, vaginal hole skin feels tight & raw after 4 laser hair treatments. Also itching & raw inside labia minora

Laser hair removal treatments has made the inside of my inner lips extremely raw. I have little red tears in the creases around my pee hole. Burns... READ MORE

Labia burns due to laser hair removal. What went wrong? Will this heal right? (Photo)

Ive had laser hair removal in past and this has never happen to me. Im in intense pain and discomfort. Im burning, swollen, itchy and in pain! My skin... READ MORE

Should Laser Hair Removal Be Painful?

I've heard that if there is NO pain, or very little pain that it's not working effectively. Please advise. READ MORE

I Have Some Pain in my Wrist Bone After Doing 6 Treatments of Laser Hair Removal Why?

I Have Some Pain in my Wrist Bone After Doing 6 Treatments of Laser Hair Removal Why? READ MORE

Did Laser on my Lower Legs and Immediately After Felt Extreme Burn?

I had a laser treatment done on my lower legs and knees and right after felt extreme pain. I have used cold compress and aloe on the area for three... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal on Upper Lip and Have Pain Over Teeth?

I did laser hair removal on my upper lip, 8 monts ago. And i still feel pain over 1, 2 teeth. Pain is constant, somethimes wake me, and during day... READ MORE

Hair Growing Back Super Dark and Coarse After Laser Hair Removal. Painful Red Bumps and Ingrown Hairs. Please Help Me?

I got my first Brazilian laser hair removal treatment 5 days ago. My hair is extremely coarse and I shave everyday and it still grows out. After my... READ MORE

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