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Facial Laser Removal?

I had soprano xl on my chin and beard and i read that with thin hair i read that the chances are with thin facial hair that they will increase and... READ MORE

No Results Obtained After 5 Sittings of Diode Laser Plus 6 Sittings of Yag Laser, What to Do?

I have already taken 11sittings for facial hair removal but hair growth comes again with in 2months of the treatment. I am having dark toned skin. I... READ MORE

Poor Results with Palomar Icon Laser for Laser Hair Removal, is the machine causing the problem?

I just completed my 6th LHR treatment for underarms and Brazilian. I have olive skin, but have stayed out of the sun since May, so I am fair. I only... READ MORE

I Don't Think I'm Getting the Results I Should Be? (photo)

I'm currently getting laser hair removal on my bikini and legs. I've had three treatments so far and I'm not really seeing the results I want. The... READ MORE

Can I Try Agian to Use Laser to Remove Hair, Even Though It's Failed In The Past?

I have fair skin and dark hiar .2 years ago I done 8 treatment to remove hiar in my face but It didnt work .Now I want to try to remove hiar.Can I try... READ MORE

I'm a 39y/o woman and I get facial hair on my chin I have tried the laser treatment for several month's and that did not work?

What else can I do to permanently remove the hair it is ruining my life and causing painful hair bumps READ MORE

I Have Had 2 Laser Treatments with MD Yag Machine Can You Take Laser Hair Removal Treatment Before 4 Weeks?

I have had 2 laser treatments with MD- Yag machine . i am of indian origin and have not seen any results so far . Growth on my legs is hard and next... READ MORE

I had laser hair removal treatment 4 days ago, NONE of my hair has fallen out?

I understand that this is going to be a process, but is this normal? And can I shave in the meantime, seeing as my next treatment is only in 6 weeks time. READ MORE

Why doesn't hair fall out from upper lip after laser hair removal treatment?

Hi! I had a 8 laser hair removal treatments on my upper lip but hair is not falling out at all. Laser Soprano ICE (Alma). Skin type- white. Hair-dark.... READ MORE

What laser is the best for a man?

Hello. my name is mark. i have done about 20 laser sessions in my shoulders and back and 10 in my legs with alexandrite cynosure and candela with high... READ MORE

Why isn't laser hair treatment working on my face after several years but instead made it worse? (Photo)

My hair growth seems to have become worse since I started the treatments (10 years ago). I originally went in my early 20's for some normal facial... READ MORE

Normal to go up 2 levels of intensity in laser hair removal?

Im a 34 y/o woman and have had 7 sessions of laser done on my neck im the last 9 months with no real results. The therapist blames my pcos even though... READ MORE

7th session Alexander laser hair removal, no results. Do I have another option?

I've done the 7th session of laser hair removal on August for my legs and arms but only 10%of the hair haven't grown. I wonder if laser hair removal... READ MORE

Why didn't my laser hair removal work?

I'm healthy 21 yr old female and about 6 months ago I finished 10 sessions of laser hair removal at laser clinics australia (legs, underarms, etc.). I... READ MORE

I have been using laser hair removal for 2 years. I finished my 10th treatment yesterday and it hasn't worked. What can I do?

My side burns the main area I wanted treated and they have treated my neck which has got worse as well. They extended me 3 more treatments but I have... READ MORE

Why does hair continue to grow back so quickly after several Laser Hair Removal sessions?

I've had several laser hair removal sessions on different parts of my body (thanks to being fuzzy). For a while, after 4-5 sessions, hair did stop... READ MORE

I finished 13 sessions in Jan, 7 upper body, 6 lower body, but I'm still hairy on my stomach. Is this right? (Photo)

June of 2014 I purchased/started laser. I was extremely hairy from shaving baby hairs that later turned into, coarse dark hair. Tested 1st & no... READ MORE

Hair lasering not working. What's wrong?

I am getting treated with diode laser on my armpits, legs and genitalia. I have fair skin and medium brown hair. The woman treating has asked me to... READ MORE

I stopped getting results from ND Yag laser 1064. Is the setting too low? The nurse is using 40 j/cm^2 and 20/25

I have been doing hair removal more than 15 times till now and I still have hair in my hands. I was wondering if because the nurse is doing too low... READ MORE

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