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Length of Time Between Laser Hair Treatments

A few laser practioners I have been to have given me conflicting advice about the length of time I should wait between treatments. Some say 4-5 weeks... READ MORE

How Much Time Is Allowed To Lapse Between Each Hair Laser Treatment?

I had 3 treatments so far each spaced 8-9 weeks apart. I will need to travel in summer for 3-4 months or more. Will it affect my treatment progress if... READ MORE

Can I Do Laser Hair Removal Session Every 2 Weeks?

I had 3 sessions, with 4-5 weeks in between and did not see any results. What if I space every 2 weeks?Since I have hair growing the same...? READ MORE

Can I Get Laser Hair Removal Treatments at Close Intervals?

I have gotten one treatment for laser hair removal, but i need to get it done and over with fast. Is there anyway that I can speed up this long... READ MORE

3 Sessions of Laser Hair Removal is Too Late to Change my Mind?

I am doing the full brazilian and I had 3 sessions already. I am having seconds thoughts about it, and I wonder if it is too late to switch to an... READ MORE

Does Missing a Session of Laser Hair Removal Mean I Have to Start From the Beginning?

I had 2 sessions with the ndyag laser for bikini area and i usually go every 12 weeks but had to travel a couple of weeks. its been 16 weeks now and i... READ MORE

What if You Are Unable to Do All 6 Laser Removal Treatments in a Row?

I can only do 3 months of laser hair removal before I will be traveling for 5 months. Will my laser hair removal results be compromised if split the 6... READ MORE

Long Time Gap Between Laser Hair Removal Treatment, Will This Effect The Outcome?

I m a 24 yr old indian.i had very thick facial hair and was undergoing laser treatment for the same and my under arm area..after about 10-12 sessions... READ MORE

What Kind of Laser is Best for Hair Removal & Estimate Amount of Treatments?

Hi, Here are some pictures. The lighting was bad so my skin color may not be accurate but im guessing i should go with the ndYag laser- This was after... READ MORE

I Am Thinking of Starting a Laser Therapy for Hair Removal for Legs and Bikini with the Alexandrite Laser, How Frequently?

Is it ok if the spacing between the first 3 treatments is approx 4/5 weeks and then I wait something around 7/8 weeks for the next treatment? Could I... READ MORE

Is the Laser Hair Removal a Permanent Hair Removal Method or Must Be Done Often?

Can laser treatment once done can prevent the unwanted hair growth permanently? READ MORE

Home Laser Treatments Safety For Top Lip?

My wife is merrily Zapping her top lip with a laser treatment thing every few days and I wondered if that could be harmful. It's recommended every 4-6... READ MORE

I Have Had 2 Laser Treatments with MD Yag Machine Can You Take Laser Hair Removal Treatment Before 4 Weeks?

I have had 2 laser treatments with MD- Yag machine . i am of indian origin and have not seen any results so far . Growth on my legs is hard and next... READ MORE

Laser hair removal causing bleeding/spotting. Could it be the change in frequency?

When I had my first session of laser hair removal done for my Brazilian area, the following day I had a little bit of bleeding/spotting. After the... READ MORE

What happens if you get a laser hair removal treatment 3 weeks after a treatment?

I just had my 5th laser hair treatment done and I told them part of the treated area doesn't seem to be responding. They turned up the frequency, but... READ MORE

Itching after 3rd session of laser, normal?

I had my 3rd session done for laser hair removal 3 days ago (on my arms, underarms, legs and Brazilian) and I am itching in those areas, needing to... READ MORE

I have white skin and dark hair. I would like to know which is the best for me and what the frequency should be?

I have white skin and dark hair In my area there are two type of laser Alexanderite and doi I would like to know which is the best for me and what is... READ MORE

Is hair removal treatment effective after 1 yr gap or wait till September and start fresh, then continue through the winter?

A year ago I started my hair removal treatment for my bikini and underarms and only got through four sessions, which were about 6 to 7 weeks apart. I... READ MORE

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