Length of Time Between Laser Hair Treatments

A few laser practioners I have been to have given me conflicting advice about the length of time I should wait between treatments. Some say 4-5 weeks is the ideal period while others have indicated 7-8 weeks is much better if one is to target a greater proportion of hair in the right growth phase. What is your view on the ideal length of time that one should wait between treatments?

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Hair regrowth is variable for different areas and individuals

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In general, the best way to approach this topic is to use the regrowth of hair in the treated area as your guide... in other words, when a significant percentage of the hair starts growing back, return for the next treatment.

It could be as short as 4 weeks on the face, and as long as 12 weeks for the legs or more.

I hope this helps. Take care.

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Laser Hair Removal Time Between Treatments

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Timing between treatments is very important for optimal results with laser hair removal.  It is important to pay for treatments one  by one vs paying for packages of laser services up front.  Different areas of the body have different hair growth cycles.  In order to catch the most hair in the active cycle during your laser hair removal sessions treatments should be scheduled according to the hair growth cycles.  Face and neck treatments should be scheduled every 4-6 weeks, trunk areas including bikini, chest, back, underarms, stomach etc. should be scheduled ever 6-8 weeks, and legs 8-10 weeks apart.  Typically 6-8 sessions are recommended to catch each cycle of hair growth, although some people may be satisfied with their results sooner.  Following these guidelines should result in the greatest reduction of hair.

It is essential to select a laser professional you can trust in an office powned and operated by a physician, not a franchise with an off-site medical director. A medical practice with a ling history of success with laser hair removal will likely have up to date etchnology and will be able to provide you with the safest and most effective treatment. 

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Interval between laser hair removal treatments

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The interval between laser hair removal treatments is generally felt to be between 4-10 weeks apart. Each physician has different experience and training, and the literature on this isn't clear, so you'll hear different answers from different people. I certainly wouldn't do any treatments any sooner than 4 weeks apart.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
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Depends on the treated area

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If the laser is done on upper lip, chin or any area on the face it should be spaced out 4-6 weeks apart. For the body areas, it should be repeated every 8-10 weeks. Facial hair grows faster than lower body hair and it should be done more often. In order for the laser to be effective, you should try to keep up with your appointments and follow the technician's recommendations for the length of time between your treatments.

Length of Time Between Laser Hair Treatments

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The answer to this question is: there's no good answer.  Growth cycle for hair changes not only from person to person, but also from body area to body area.  Facial hair typically grows more quickly, and body hair typically has a longer growth cycle.  Length between treatments can vary from 4-8 weeks.  Consult a certified professional that is supervised by a board certified practitioner, and follow professional advice for best results.

Not all treatments are created equal

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First it’s important to note that all treatments aren't created equal. The time between treatments depends on the quality of treatment you receive (the more effective the treatment, the longer the hair will take to grow back) as well as your skin type (more sensitive skin types will need longer in between). Also, the wait time between treatments depends on what area is being treated: expect about four weeks for anything above the neck and six to eight weeks for below the neck.

Dr. Lycka

Barry Lycka, MD - Account Suspended
Edmonton Dermatologic Surgeon

Time between laser treatments...

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Laser hair removal can be a very effective procedure, but can also be somewhat variable.  You are right in saying that you want to have the treatment performed when the hair is in the growth phase.  This growth phase can differ from patient to patient and between different body areas of the same patient.  For the face, the the wait time between sessions is usually about 4 weeks, while for the body, the approximate wait time is 6-8 weeks.  But the key is to find when your own hair is in the growth phase and return at that point.

Andrew Miller, MD
Edison Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Laser Hair Removal

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For the face, 4-5 weeks between treatments, from the neck to waist, 6-8 weeks, and from the legs down, 8-12 weeks.  The further along in treatments, the longer you will have to wait.

The treatment schedule varies for Laser Hair Removal

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The treatment schedule for Laser Hair Removal depends on the area. The face is generally every 4 - 6 weeks with most other areas every 8 - 10 weeks.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Length of Time between Laser Hair Removal Sessions

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Laser Hair Removal in extremely effective. Our office has a strict protocol that maximizes success in treating excessive hair of the face and body. We follow these guidelines:

  • Aggressive pre procedural documentation and treatment of excessive pigmentation.
  • Treatment intervals of 6-8 weeks between treatments.
  • Examination by a trained physician before each treatment to assess the efficacy of each treatment and skin response.
  • Physician performed laser hair removal

It is important to have an experienced physician assess your level of response between treatments to lengthen or shorten the duration, interval, and intensity of treatment.

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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