Buttocks + Laser Hair Removal

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Can I Get Laser Hair Removal on my Extended Bikini Including Butt Area?

I'm a woman with PCOS and I have a problem with excess hair in my bikini region that extends to my top inner thigh area, and down into my... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burns on My Buttocks? (photo)

A technician performed laser hair removal on my buttocks (outside and inner) for my sixth treatment. It was an Alexandrite laser and I haven't had any... READ MORE

Is it possible to get laser hair removal on my butt?

I have really hairy legs and buttocks so I just want to know if it's safe to get laser hair removal on the buttocks region and even the anus area itself. READ MORE

Are At-home Laser Hair Removal Systems Safe to Use on the Buttocks Area?

I am a white british female with medium coloured skin and dark brown hair, unfortunetly i have some fine dark hairs on my buttocks, i am extremely... READ MORE

I have folliculitis and I am considering laser hair removal. Are there any other products I can use to heal it?

I have had folliculitis for about 2 years now and it is extremely embarrassing and painful in my pelvic and butt area. I have tried antibiotics,... READ MORE

Will Laser Hair Removal Work on my Folliculutis on my Buttox with Very Light Hair?

My folliculitis becomes inflamed from friction from tight pants, can this be fixed with laser hair removal? READ MORE

Laser hair removal scars/burns. Are they permanent? (Photo)

I was recently going through laser hair removal treatments a couple months ago on my buttocks area. At first it was going fine until I had got burnt... READ MORE

One of my many questions regards receiving this treatment with warmer weather approaching (i.e., summer time) so quickly?

I am 24 years old and am about to undergo my first laser hair removal treatment. The area that is being treated will be full legs, Brazilian bikini... READ MORE

Can laser hair removal be used to treat the vagina and buttocks?

Most places where they do waxing to remove in grown hairs do not do touch the private parts, or what they call inside the bikini line of a women, or... READ MORE

Does laser hair removal help Keratosis Polaris?

I have Keratosis Polaris all over my arm,sholders,legs and buttocks. I read that removing the hair by laser helps..does it really? And does it remove... READ MORE

Does laser hair removal stop working at some point?

I've had laser hair removal on my entire genital area (front to back, sac to crack) and am very happy with the results overall. The one stubborn area... READ MORE

If I've had Hiddradenitis Suppurativa in the past (surgically removed bikini line), is it likely that insurance will cover LHR?

I have a problem with large lumps (underneath the skin) appearing on my groin and buttocks area. About a year ago, two of those lumps never... READ MORE

After laser hair removal, the hair fell out.. After the second treatment, the hair grew back again where it had fallen out.

Is this normal? I was told that "hormonal hair" is harder to deal with.. I don't want to spend the money if the hair I don't want is going to grow... READ MORE

What is the best laser for African American woman speaking hair removal of the butt cheek/crack, legs, armpits and bikini line?

I've heard rumors that laser procedures have lower success rates on African Americans. What do you recommend? READ MORE

Can laser hair removal be used and effective for hair on stomach, bottom and breasts (actual and between)?

Wanted to know about what type of laser if any should be used and how to go about permanently getting rid of this hair. It is thicker on stomach but... READ MORE

Will Lazer hair removal get rid of the bumps on my legs? (Photo)

So, I have these ingrown hair bumps all over my legs, thighs, and bum. I've tried every home remedy and different shaving techniques to get rid of... READ MORE

Is there a microscopic version of lasik that work on microscopic hair, ingrown hairs, and hair beneath the skin?

I have keratosis pilaris with causes slightly rough skin (on the butt). I have examined this under a microscope and it's apparently caused by hair... READ MORE

Body hair on women??

What, how, & why does hair grow in places it shouldn't on a woman? Like more hair then any mans that's been seen? I'm talking about a BUTT!!!!... On... READ MORE

Why do I have such excessive body hair?

First of, i feel like a wolf person. i have hair EVERYWHERE. my upper lip, the sides of my face, my chin, my neck, my chest/nipples, my stomach, my... READ MORE

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