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Sore Gastric Band Port 4 Years Post-op

4 years after gastric band my port area is sore, have lost 14 stone and now do lot of sit ups, could it be port moving about? READ MORE

I'm 4 Years Post-op on a Lap Band and I Have Some Bad Port Site Pain. What Could It Be?

Hello. I had Lap Band surgery in June 2008. Since then, I've lost about 70 pounds and feel great. I've been training for a marathon, and... READ MORE

Do I have a slipped band? (photo)

I have pain in my upper right shoulder by my neck throat area when I get a stuck issue, what does this mean, is it gas? Also I think I have a slip but... READ MORE

I've had a slight band slippage and had my band emptied, but I still feel pain. Is this normal?

I woke up three days ago to pain in my chest and back. After the pain became unbearable, I saw a doctor the next day. He suggested getting a barium... READ MORE

I got my lap band in 2010. Lately I been having severe pain when eating or touching the area where its located.

I have contacted several doctors and nobody will see me because they didnt install the Lapband.. The original surgeon no longer lives in the USA. What... READ MORE

I'm having major physiological and physical issues! What should I do about the pain I'm suffering 6 years after lap band?

Problems 6 years after lapband placed. I'm throwing up 10-20 times a day. Sometimes can't even keep spit down. I have to stand to eat and stand pretty... READ MORE

Should I be ill after being diagnosed with a band slippage; and how soon after diagnosis should I require treatment? (photo)

I was banded in September 2011 and lost 6 stone. However, approx 6 weeks ago things started to go wrong and I felt pain under left breast post fill.... READ MORE

My doctor removed all liquid from my Realize Band and I'm feeling pain. Is that normal?

Last week I had a fill appointment and my doctor said I was way too tight. So I was eating but the food was not going through fast enough and my pouch... READ MORE

Lap Band port site pain long after removal. What might be causing this so many years later?

I had lap band in '07 which was removed when I decided it wasn't for me & had gastric bypass in '10 & the lap band was removed. During the 3 years I... READ MORE

4 weeks after my lap band surg. I have pain for about a week (R- side). It's sharp, painful & constant. Deep breaths are painful

Is the port on the right side? i felt a hard ball like there (is that the port or should i run to the ER?) Im on a getaway with my family Should i end... READ MORE

Do I need surgery again?

I had lab band surgery in December of 2007, lost 75 lbs but have gained back about 55 lbs and when I eat I sometimes still vomit and feel terrible.... READ MORE

Pain at Lap Band Port?

I had the lap band put in 5 years ago. I failed myself big time, I gained all the weight back and some. Lately I've been experiencing pain near the... READ MORE

Should I be experiencing pain at the port site 4 weeks post op?

I have had this ache on my side for three weeks. I originally found my port to the right of my belly button after surgery. I had no issues for the... READ MORE

I am 5'6 & 257 lbs, with large frame. Am I a candidate for a lap band? (photos)

I am 5'6 257 lbs, with large frame. I do workout, elliptical and weights, about 3x a week, sometimes more or less. However, I find it very difficult... READ MORE

I have unsitu a lap band for twenty years. I have pain when I have a cool drink. Any suggestions?

I notice at night when I have a cool drink or iceI block that I get moderate pain under the right rib cage. I have put on 5kgs over a year and an... READ MORE

Are there any specific circumstances that will allow a 13 year old to have lap band surgery?

My daughter is only 13 years old, but she wears an adult size 16/18. She is 5'4" and weighs almost 220 lbs. I am worried. She sneaks and hides food... READ MORE

Why Am I Having Pain After my Fourth Fill when I Eat? (Lap Band in March)

I got a fill of 1.75 cc yesterday and I was already at 9cc. When I am eatting it hurts when the food goes down. Not the pain from not chewing good... READ MORE

Pain around my port. Any suggestions?

I had gotten the lab than three years ago and had been doing very well and had lost about 80 pounds. Just recently in the last few weeks I start to... READ MORE

Pain 1 Week After Lap Band Fitting- Normal?

I had a lap band fitted 9 days ago, I am getting pain under my left rib cage and also where the access port is fitted. Is that normal? READ MORE

Could something be wrong with my band?

I've had the lap band for 7 years. About year ago I would occasionally get these gas pains in my upper stomach, it would hurt so bad I couldn't breath... READ MORE

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