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Kybella is a non-surgical injectable for reducing moderate to severe fat below the chin, the area commonly known as a "double chin." The injection contains a naturally occurring substance in the body, deoxycholic acid, which helps the body absorb fat cells. When properly injected, Kybella destroys fat cells. The FDA approved Kybella as a treatment for adults with submental fat in 2015. Using Kybella for treatment on areas other than the double chin is not approved or recommended. The treatment is called Belkyra in Canada, Australia, and U.K. LEARN MORE ›

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Kybella for Off-label Use Arm Pit/axilla 31 Years Old - Atlanta, GA

I've always hated wearing tank tops because of the fat that seemed to pour over my bra line on the side. I've had lipo done in my armpit to define my armpit (while I was doing a breast revision surgery) and had great results, but it didn't fix the front view. So of course I'm going to the best... READ MORE

32-Year-Old In Shape But With A Mini Double Chin - New York, NY

Hello friends! I'm 32 years old and in good shape. Double chins run in my family and I began noticing my mini chin showing up in photos. Eek! I got one syringe of Kybella and the procedure was overall pretty painless. Here's what happened: 1. I was given Ibuprofen and then a Novacane shot.... READ MORE

26 Year Old, Weak Profile and Moderate Submental fat

I began treatment yesterday, at a medspa. The treatment was FAST, I think once the injections started it was maybe five minutes? There was no numbing cream or injection or ice before hand. I couldn't even feel the pokes but the sensation that comes with the fat being destroyed is definitely not... READ MORE

I Finally Took the Kybella Plunge

I'm 5'7 and I weigh 145 lbs. Due to inactivity on my part, age and a slowing Thyroid, the 'pouch' under my chin has been really bothering me. When I first saw before and after pictures of people who'd had Kybella injected, I knew I would eventually get it done.I was very nervous beforehand and... READ MORE

52 Year Old with Sagging Under Chin and Upper Neck Area - Kybella

I have been searching for a way to improve the look of my neck (without surgery). I feel like it is where I look the most aged. A friend of mine had Kybella done about 3 months ago and she looks amazing, so I thought I'd give it a try! I should only need this one treatment. I had the... READ MORE

23 Year Old Trying to Rid of Double Chin with 1st Kybella Treatment! - Washington, DC

This double chin needs to go! I did research and apparently I was a great candidate for it. I'll lose weight but never around my face. Went to DC's davinci plastic surgery. Got a consultation and scheduled for my first injection yesterday. Dr. Nora was great, gave me information on what to... READ MORE

Kybella Treament & Progress Shots (27-Year-Old)

I finally decided to bite the bullet and get this done. I've had a non-existent jawline my entire life with a small pouch. Even at my skinnest and most athletic I have always had this. Genetics can be obnoxious. All the women have the double chin in our family. So far I am very impressed!... READ MORE

The Long, Slow Road toward progress..

I booked a consultation for Smart Lipo on my chin. When doing my research, Chin Lipo should have been about $2,000 and only a week of downtime. I have received 1 round of Kybella for $1,000.00. At 2.5 weeks later, I look worse, than I did before the shots. All my research shows that I will... READ MORE

32 Yr Old Female, 5'11" Fluctuating 25-29 BMI Looking for Defined Jaw

Waited almost a year to do this to see other reviews. Consulted with many places before deciding to go with ears, nose, throat surgeon. I will do 2 treatments with 2 vials each treatment. Normally the cost is 600 a vial but when purchasing a package they knock $400 off the total. I have love... READ MORE

Not Overweight, Still Have Double Chin - The Dallas Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics

I've always had a little bit of a double chin, even when I was 10 pounds lighter. I went to see Jennifer Scheiderich, P.A. because Dr. Stetler and Dr. Polder had a higher consultation fee. The fee also doesn't go towards the treatment, but I really wanted to get this treatment done. I found... READ MORE

Two Treatments and Gone! But Quite Uncomfortable.

I always had a double chin, even at my thinnest of 110 lbs in high school I had one since my face is round and i have a lot of tissue in my cheeks. But when I found out you could get rid of your double chin PERMANENTLY I had to! So I did. I'm beyond happy I did and Its so worth the swelling and... READ MORE

42 Year Old. 3 Separate Kybella Treatments - Long Island, NY

I had minimal about of chin fat. Swelling after injections will last a very long time. Be prepared to look swollen in public for some time. Overall there was not much of an improvement. I think liposuction is the way to go and would cost the same after going through many treatments. The fat... READ MORE

Gave Kybella a Shot - Wantagh, NY

I can't afford chin lipo right now so I figured I'd give kybella a shot. There is a doctor on Long Island (Gary kaplan - south shore aesthetics) who's prices are great and he's a really nice man. I've been reading about kybella on here for about 6 months now and I keep going back and forth - 50%... READ MORE

47 Year Old, Asian/Caucasian Mix - Kybella - Novato, CA

I got Kybella 2 weeks ago. I've read how people are back at work the next day and I'm amazed. Don't get me wrong, I was physically fine to do my job but the bullfrog neck IS FOR REAL. No turtleneck or scarf would have been able to hide this thing. Thankfully I can work from home when I need to.... READ MORE

For Double Chin

I have a round face so when I gain weight it all shows up there and I look like a different person. I seriously hate my face when I gain weight. Hoping this will get rid of some of the fat so I can feel better about is I look. She also used some along my jaw line hopefully that'll give me back... READ MORE

35 Year Old Female, Size 16, Double Chin

I had 25 injections. Each vile ($450 a piece) has 10 injections. I used 2.5 viles. He saves my half leftover for next treatment. I plan to have one more. Two days after I looked like a bullfrog and was swollen about weeks. You can see the attached photo to see if there was progress. I think I... READ MORE

Perhaps Don't Really Need So Many Kybella Treatments

Had kybella to help sagging skin. Dr said wouldn't get worse before better, but got much worse before improving. Have also added dermawand daily for last 6 weeks, but at 6 months after one treatment, I'm very pleased. Having extra treatment at 6 wk intervals (recommended) would have been waste of $. READ MORE

Thin 29 year old hoping to get rid of chin fat :)

Hi! I have spent hours researching what to do about the small amount of fat under my chin, but am currently too scared to do anything drastic. I contemplated CoolSculpt and Kybella for a long time, ultimately choosing Kybella because some had mentioned it seems to have more tightening effects.... READ MORE

44 Year Old Woman in Need of Kybella. Irvine, CA

I got my first injection of Kybella today. I bought a Groupon because it was a really good price - $1000 for two vials. The dr put numbing cream on, waited 20 minutes then began the injections. The first injection did not hurt at all and I was thinking "yes, you got's not going to... READ MORE

Currently Experiencing Nerve Paralysis from Kybella

42 yr old, overall fit woman who wanted to have Kybella procedure for a small double chin that's been bothering me for a couple years. Didn't want invasive surgery, Kybella sounded ideal to me. I TRUSTED, who I now know as an unskilled Kybella injector, the doctor I chose to complete my first... READ MORE

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