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Kybella is a non-surgical injectable for reducing moderate to severe fat on the upper neck, otherwise known as a "double chin." The injection contains a naturally occurring molecule which eats away at fat. When injected properly, all other cells are left healthy and intact. Using Kybella for treatment on areas other than the double chin is not approved or recommended. The treatment is called Belkyra in Canada, Australia, and U.K.

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Kybella was not for me - have decided to get Chin/Neck Lipo in February

I am one day post my first Kybella treatment. It was much more painful than I expected. I've been taking three ibuprofen for pain and it helps but the first several hours after the procedure were EXTREMELY painful. I've had three c-sections and a few other procedures and feel I handle pain... READ MORE

27 Year Old Female with Genetic Fat Pouch

My motivation for getting rid of my chin's fat pouch is our wedding day in the summer. I want to have a nice profile for the big day and beyond. This is my first treatment and I'm expected to return in 6 weeks for the following one. The prep for the procedure was easy and simple. The process of... READ MORE

Skinny girl looking for a nice jawline

Kybella had a coupon on their website for $100 off the treatment which helped. The doctor had me ice it for about five minutes and then she started injecting halfway through I started to feel the burning stinging sensation. When she was done I did feel a little bit nauseous and lightheaded but... READ MORE

47 year old kybella

I went for a consultation today for kybella. I must say i am very nervous about this. I am not one for injecting things into my body bit this double chin has to go. LORD be with me all the way! I have started taking arnica. READ MORE

My Doctor Encouraged Kybella over Chin Lipo. San Antonio, TX

I booked a consultation for Smart Lipo on my chin. When doing my research, Chin Lipo should have been about $2,000 and only a week of downtime. I have received 1 round of Kybella for $1,000.00. At 2.5 weeks later, I look worse, than I did before the shots. All my research shows that I will... READ MORE

Want sleeker jaw and neck

Really much easier than I anticipated. I felt nervous after reading general Kybella reviews about pain and swelling, but getting it done was incredibly easy and virtually pain free. Dr Guy, as always, explains everything and talks me through it, cracks me up with jokes, and puts me at ease. He... READ MORE

51 year old - battling neck bulge and weak chin

I took the Kybella plunge the first week of 2017. I had originally thought I would get Smart Lipo, but couldn't find a practitioner on the Big Island of Hawaii. I'm on a budget, so couldn't factor in the additional time/expense to fly to Honolulu, Oahu for the procedure. When I stumbled upon... READ MORE

Kybella -1 Week Later - Houston, TX

Not sure if I will undergo the 2nd treatment. this hurt like hell and I still have jaw pain and numbness. no one prepared me for the bull frog neck or bruising so I was a upset about that.I am still taking OTC meds to help with tenderness. I had to work afterwards and was avoiding people since... READ MORE

40 something & hated the turkey neck...

I'm sharing because the reviews seemed mixed, but I am more than satisfied w/my results & wanted to share my experience w/others who may be on the fence. I'm about 20lbs over weight right now, but ever since I gave birth 11 years ago, I have had a horrible double chin that persists (no... READ MORE

Loving my Results So Far- Should I Keep Going? - Kalamazoo, MI

I've always hated my weak neck line, despite having a pretty solid jaw. In my mid 30s, after two babies, I have developed the sloping neck line that has cursed generations of women in my family. I had to stop it before it filled out any further and I started to look like a pelican. Enter,... READ MORE

25 Year Old Preparing for Wedding!

I'm a 5'4" normal weight (130 lb) female who has always had a double chin (hereditary). My engagement pushed me to finally take the plunge. I just got my first Kybella treatment on Saturday 1/21/17. The injections felt like little pinches—it wasn't that bad. There was some burning sensations a... READ MORE

55 Year Old with Hereditary and Age Chin Fat - Orange County, CA

I had 2 vials/ several syringes of Kybella done on Dec. 29th. Yes swelling, some bruising and stinging for about 15 mins. after but overall the treatment was fast and not that bad at all. It is now nearly 6 weeks and I cannot see any difference. I am disappointed at this site and the posts of... READ MORE

Jowls, wrinkles, sun spots

Results for the Kybella on my little jowl are, so far, amazing!! I'm so happy with how it's reduced the size of's still healing but so far it's great! I anticipate that it will just keep getting better. The Co2re laser was intense as was the healing. Be prepared to not leave your house... READ MORE

32-Year-Old In Shape But With A Mini Double Chin - New York, NY

Hello friends! I'm 32 years old and in good shape. Double chins run in my family and I began noticing my mini chin showing up in photos. Eek! I got one syringe of Kybella and the procedure was overall pretty painless. Here's what happened: 1. I was given Ibuprofen and then a Novacane shot.... READ MORE

Do Not Waste Your Time or Money!!!

I have always been self conscious about my double chin. No matter how thin or how heavy I am it's always the same size. It's literally in every picture of myself I can find. I've always wanted to do something to get rid of it. I started researching chin liposuction and came across Kybella. The... READ MORE

KYBELLA Injections- Results 24 Hours Later -38 Year Old Male

So, my wife and I decided to go and get our Kybella consultation, yesterday at 2:00 pm, in CA. The doctor said we would be great candidates. The doctor explained the swelling (bull frog) and the healing time. My wife and I finished our consultation. The doctor decided to inject on the spot. We... READ MORE

21 Years Old Tiny Bit of Neck Fat That Never Seems to Go Away - San Francisco, CA

Hello! I'm a 21 year old woman. Healthy and active but has a little bit of "submental fat" that won't seem to go away. I decided to schedule an appointment to treat this with Kybella with Dr. Javaheri. Him and his office staff are very sweet and welcoming yet still extremely informative. Real... READ MORE

Kybella Round 1: Day 1 - Omaha, NE

Just received my first of 3 Kybella treatments. They are 15% off this month so I got a really great price for the most expensive round. (She used 3 syringes but thinks 2 will be enough the for the rest of the treatments). I haven't seen many reviews with the entire process so I thought I'd... READ MORE

not worth it- San Francisco, CA

I was SO excited when i heard about kybella. there is a plastic surgeon in the building where i work and i asked him about a neck lift or face lift or something for my gross double chin and he told me to wait a few months because a new drug was coming out that would dissolve fat. i waited and... READ MORE

Finally Took the Kybella Plunge! (Pun Intended)

So I just had my first Kybella treatment late this afternoon. The procedure itself was pretty easy and on a pain scale of 1 to 10, I give it a three. Upon arrival they had me ice for a good 10 to 15 minutes, they outlined the area for treatment and the traceable tattoo was applied. I had 2... READ MORE

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