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Kybella (known in Canada as Belkyra) is a non-surgical injectable for reducing moderate to severe fat on the upper neck, otherwise known as a "double chin." The injection contains a naturally occurring molecule which eats away at fat. When injected properly, all other cells are left healthy and intact. Using Kybella for treatment on areas other than the double chin is not approved or recommended.

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Ok so I got this procedure to sculpt my jaw / chin area and get rid of the pudge I had ..... The clinic and doctor were all a+ . The doctor told me that I should have the results I wanted with 2 vials so I went for it. It has been about a week. The first 48 hours are the worst . I swelled up... READ MORE

Hated my lack of chin for a long time. Got some extra money so thought I would try it. They told me only few days of swelling, Yes not true. The pain was awful. I look and feel awful. They told me only one treatment I would need. Highly doubt that. Still holding out that this will all come... READ MORE

I m so excited about trying kybella vs chin lipo , I was originally scheduled for chin lipo but changed my mind at the last minute , I have struggle with my double chin , it runs it my family ,no matter how much I work out my chin will akways make me look heavier than what I m actually am. My... READ MORE

As with every procedure, I try to read as many reviews as possible to try to make an informed decision before even approaching any provider. Many reviews state how awful the experience was. The swelling made them look like Bullfrogs for a few days, pain in swallowing, getting out of chairs and... READ MORE

I wanted to get Lipo for extra fat on back of neck. My highly respected surgeon, Dr Andrews here in Houston, recommended Kabella instead, so I had one viral injected. I had numbing cream and injections of lidocaine. When he injected the Kabella, it burned like the dickens. Now I'm in pain and it... READ MORE

I was very interested in kybella when my dr told me I would be the perfect candidate. I did my first session using kybella and didn't see much results after the swelling. I am now on my second session and have not seen much difference. I am being patient for swelling to decrease. Will be... READ MORE

Dr Micheal Awad preformed kybella on my neck area yesterday there was slight discomfort while the procedure was being preform as I was iced before hand. I had a bit of swollen after and the first evening the next day the swollen has gone down significantly I am very pleased with my results at... READ MORE

About 5 years ago I had liposuction done on my sub mental fat with fantastic results! However, once I became pregnant and had my child I noticed quite a bit of it came back. I would say the type I have is hereditary. I take after my father and he also has the same type of neck fat that I do...... READ MORE

I am a pretty active individual who has always been insecure about my smile due to my double chin. I was a little nervous about moving forward with Kybella, but I have an awesome doctor that assured me that I would be a great candidate. Today is my first full day post Kybella and I feel great! I... READ MORE

I had my first Kybella procedure four days ago. I numbed with a prescription lidocaine cream at home an hour before procedure. At appointment, she also infected about 8 shots of lidocaine to further numb the area. They sting a bit, but not bad. The actual Kybella shots didn't really hurt too... READ MORE

I went for my first treatment of Kybella @ 11:30 today. The procedure was less painful than I expected, though I am sore and swollen now. I am managing with ice and ibuprofen. I return for my 2nd treatment in 5 weeks. I paid $1200 and I plan on returning to work tomorrow. I am expecting minimul... READ MORE

I am relatively thin...6 feet and 143lb. However, I can never lose that stubborn fat beneath my chin. I really hope this works. The procedure was a little painful and I'm still swollen on day 4. I am scheduled for another treatment in one month....I hope I see some results after just one... READ MORE

Not sure if I will undergo the 2nd treatment. this hurt like hell and I still have jaw pain and numbness. no one prepared me for the bull frog neck or bruising so I was a upset about that.I am still taking OTC meds to help with tenderness. I had to work afterwards and was avoiding people since... READ MORE

I had a topical put on day of Pain scale 7 Pain the next 2 days yikes I used painkillers and ice packs It got very swollen Not sure if it was just me but do not plan on going anywhere for a week. First 2 days all I wanted to do was lay in bed with my ice packs - skin very hot and tight I... READ MORE

Get ready for an honest review of Kybella. I just had the procedure today (two vials) which cost 1k. Here's what I can tell you so far: 1) It hurt like a mother...I mean it is acid. I would ask for some lidocaine if I were you. 2) supposedly the swelling is for a day or two. That's what I... READ MORE

I have checked into many options. This was not a painful process at all. I only had a numbing cream on my skin and a ice pac. I wad given 18 shots . I did get the bullfrog look. When I have my second treatment in January I can then check Into something to tighten my skin and help with the... READ MORE

Ok so I was way nervous about doing Kybella. I initially wanted liposuction to suck my pudgy chin so when doc mentioned Kybella I was like umm did you just say acid? The idea of injecting my body with deoxycholic acid kinda sorta freaked me out. Seriously the word "acid" doesn't sound very... READ MORE

Jury is still out. After 1 month hard lumps remain. Procedure itself was neither incredibly painful or lengthy. Major swelling and difficulty swallowing the first night. Swelling was very obvious for about 1 week and still noticible for about 2 weeks. No bruising at all but painful to the... READ MORE

Just got my first injection of Kybella. I'm very excited to see results. The injections didn't hurt much at all. It felt a little tight and sore after. These pictures are after the injection. Red from ice. My overall experience was very good. Kelly is very knowledgeable, I was comfortable with... READ MORE

I have a noticeable double chin that's getting worse with age. I consulted a plastic surgeon who recommended a neck/face lift over Kybella because it would be a more complete solution for sagging skin, jawline, etc. But the price, anaesthesia & hospitalization scared me so I decided to try... READ MORE

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