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Kybella (known in Canada as Belkyra) is a non-surgical injectable for reducing moderate to severe fat on the upper neck, otherwise known as a "double chin." The injection contains a naturally occurring molecule which eats away at fat. When injected properly, all other cells are left healthy and intact. Using Kybella for treatment on areas other than the double chin is not approved or recommended.

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About 5 years ago I had liposuction done on my sub mental fat with fantastic results! However, once I became pregnant and had my child I noticed quite a bit of it came back. I would say the type I have is hereditary. I take after my father and he also has the same type of neck fat that I do...... READ MORE

Hated my lack of chin for a long time. Got some extra money so thought I would try it. They told me only few days of swelling, Yes not true. The pain was awful. I look and feel awful. They told me only one treatment I would need. Highly doubt that. Still holding out that this will all come... READ MORE

As with every procedure, I try to read as many reviews as possible to try to make an informed decision before even approaching any provider. Many reviews state how awful the experience was. The swelling made them look like Bullfrogs for a few days, pain in swallowing, getting out of chairs and... READ MORE

I m so excited about trying kybella vs chin lipo , I was originally scheduled for chin lipo but changed my mind at the last minute , I have struggle with my double chin , it runs it my family ,no matter how much I work out my chin will akways make me look heavier than what I m actually am. My... READ MORE

Well I had a slight double chin and I head about this and thought it could be good to correct it. First off I have a low pain threshold. So needless to say I was in deep discomfort during the procedure . So I did as the doc said ice to reduce swelling. I was uncomfortable all night. I... READ MORE

Bullfrog look for a couple weeks. July 29 will be 1 month. Swelling is down but my neck is no better than when I got treatment. Smart lipo would've been smarter and cheaper and less time for recovery. Not a happy. For my future treatment it will be smart... READ MORE

I am one day post my first Kybella treatment. It was much more painful than I expected. I've been taking three ibuprofen for pain and it helps but the first several hours after the procedure were EXTREMELY painful. I've had three c-sections and a few other procedures and feel I handle pain... READ MORE

A couple of years ago I had much needed liposuction under my chin for a hereditary double chin. Hopefully since I have had both I can be of some help if you are trying to decide which procedure is best for you. I am in my mid 30s and have a normal BMI and good skin elasticity. I had the... READ MORE

I have been doing extensive research on Kybella for approximately 9 months. I finally decided to go forward with it. I had my first treatment today. My doctor explained everything to me step by step. The actual procedure was painless. I experienced a weird burning sensation immediately... READ MORE

This is my second treatment of Kybella. This second time, Dr. recommended that I forgo numbing the area beforehand because he noticed that numbing the area beforehand increased swelling post treatment. Sure enough, swelling was not as bad as first time (Dr. number area first time), and... READ MORE

I was introduced to Kybella by a friend who works in the industry. She felt I would be a good candidate at 62. I decided something was better than nothing and was happy to get an appointment for the treatment. I watched videos on "" and had some apprehension as to the number of shots... READ MORE

Get ready for an honest review of Kybella. I just had the procedure today (two vials) which cost 1k. Here's what I can tell you so far: 1) It hurt like a mother...I mean it is acid. I would ask for some lidocaine if I were you. 2) supposedly the swelling is for a day or two. That's what I... READ MORE

I had been interested in Kybella for years, I just wasn't sure if I wanted to do it or not. I wanted to wait till I was for sure wanting to do it. A friend of mine refered me to Dr. Mark Bishara, so I decided to give it a shot! The consultation was easy! It was basically just a 5-10 minute talk... READ MORE

Roughly 2 months ago I had undergone the Kybella injection . Post treatment I swelled up a lot , with some which is to be expected ,but nothing some Tylenol and a scarf couldn't fix . 3 weeks post treatment I looked like my " before" picture , however , 6 weeks post is when I noticed great... READ MORE

So I'm 29 y/o. I looked into different procedures to get rid of my double chin that I've always had but I didn't want to go under or be out of work for days or weeks. Kybella is quick and mostly painless and so I thought it was the right move for me. (Plus it's permanent which I love) My nurse... READ MORE

I went yesterday for a consultation to see if kybella was right for me. Since I'm severely impatient, I decided, "sure! I'll get it done today." Granted, I didn't do too much research on healing time. The nurse said the swelling will go down in 24-48 hours. She administered the shots and I can... READ MORE

4 weeks after my first injection and I am already seeing results. Going this week for round 2 of injections. My surgeon said I will likely only need 2 rounds but if I need 3, the third is "on the house". Was swollen for the first week but not as bad as other reviewers posted. Can't wait until... READ MORE

I went for my first treatment of Kybella @ 11:30 today. The procedure was less painful than I expected, though I am sore and swollen now. I am managing with ice and ibuprofen. I return for my 2nd treatment in 5 weeks. I paid $1200 and I plan on returning to work tomorrow. I am expecting minimul... READ MORE

I was looking into getting chin lip but found kybella instead. It's $600 per vial. She used numbing cream and I had taken a Neurontin before the visit. They put a guide on my chin fat and injected 1 1/2 vials of kybella into my chin. It immediately started to burn and was swollen and... READ MORE

I have relied on this forum so much in my decision to get kybella that I promised I will write a review. I wanted a chin lypo but I am terrified of surgery and anesthesia thus, when I read about kybella I had to at least try it. I had 3 procedures spaced 5/6 weeks apart. Most change I saw after... READ MORE

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