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Kybella is a non-surgical injectable for reducing moderate to severe fat on the upper neck, otherwise known as a "double chin." The injection contains a naturally occurring molecule which eats away at fat. When injected properly, all other cells are left healthy and intact. Using Kybella for treatment on areas other than the double chin is not approved or recommended. The treatment is called Belkyra in Canada, Australia, and U.K.

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Thin 29 year old hoping to get rid of chin fat :)

Hi! I have spent hours researching what to do about the small amount of fat under my chin, but am currently too scared to do anything drastic. I contemplated CoolSculpt and Kybella for a long time, ultimately choosing Kybella because some had mentioned it seems to have more tightening effects.... READ MORE

Kybella 48 Year Old

Had kybella 4 days a go. Right now I feel like I look worse than prior to the procedure. This was expected though. I had the bullfrog neck the next day. It managed the worst of it with ice packs. I had 2 vials to start and am definitely going to do 2 more in 8 weeks. Then my doc and I will... READ MORE

I Finally Took the Kybella Plunge

I'm 5'7 and I weigh 145 lbs. Due to inactivity on my part, age and a slowing Thyroid, the 'pouch' under my chin has been really bothering me. When I first saw before and after pictures of people who'd had Kybella injected, I knew I would eventually get it done.I was very nervous beforehand and... READ MORE

Kybella was not for me - Decided to get Chin/Neck Lipo on Feb 17, 2017 - Scroll to bottom of post to see recent updates

I am one day post my first Kybella treatment. It was much more painful than I expected. I've been taking three ibuprofen for pain and it helps but the first several hours after the procedure were EXTREMELY painful. I've had three c-sections and a few other procedures and feel I handle pain... READ MORE

39 Years Old, Previous Chin Lipo Didn't Quite Get Me Where I Wanted

I've referenced this site so many times for procedures I have done or wanted to do that I felt it was time to give back and write my own review. I had chin liposuction performed last year at Sonobello in Austin, Texas. It resulted in a definite improvement but didn't nearly get all the fat... READ MORE

Kybella 1 Week Out 1st Treatment

I am almost a week out from my procedure. I had two vials injected under my chin. It hurt a little more than what I thought it would. I was swollen immediately after and lasted 4 days now I am about where I started.The recovery has not been too bad. I am a little swollen but nobody can tell... READ MORE

41 Yo Female, 4 Weeks Post Kybella

Long history of extreme double chins/turkey gobbler neck on one side of my family. Must hit at 40 cause only in the last year I developed a 3rd chin even though my bodyfat is around 16-18%. It's only been 4 weeks since the treatment and I am excited with my result this far. A couple things- my... READ MORE

32-Year-Old In Shape But With A Mini Double Chin - New York, NY

Hello friends! I'm 32 years old and in good shape. Double chins run in my family and I began noticing my mini chin showing up in photos. Eek! I got one syringe of Kybella and the procedure was overall pretty painless. Here's what happened: 1. I was given Ibuprofen and then a Novacane shot.... READ MORE

Just Had First Round of Injections

Had my first round of Kybella injections on Friday. Swelling wasn't bad, peaking after 24 hours and now almost entirely gone after 96 hours. Burning didn't last more than an hour and was about a 2 on a pain scale of 1-10. So far, I have no hardness in the area or bruising or pain of any kind.... READ MORE

27 Year Old Female with Genetic Fat Pouch

My motivation for getting rid of my chin's fat pouch is our wedding day in the summer. I want to have a nice profile for the big day and beyond. This is my first treatment and I'm expected to return in 6 weeks for the following one. The prep for the procedure was easy and simple. The process of... READ MORE

My Doctor Encouraged Kybella over Chin Lipo. San Antonio, TX

I booked a consultation for Smart Lipo on my chin. When doing my research, Chin Lipo should have been about $2,000 and only a week of downtime. I have received 1 round of Kybella for $1,000.00. At 2.5 weeks later, I look worse, than I did before the shots. All my research shows that I will... READ MORE

My Kybella Recovery So Far - Spring House, PA

I had the treatment done yesterday (Thurs) after work. My doctor numbed the area with a lydocaine cream (rx strength) which took about 10 minutes to kick in. When she started the injections, I didn't feel pain on my skin but I could start to feel a mild burn from the acid now in my skin. I... READ MORE

Want sleeker jaw and neck

Really much easier than I anticipated. I felt nervous after reading general Kybella reviews about pain and swelling, but getting it done was incredibly easy and virtually pain free. Dr Guy, as always, explains everything and talks me through it, cracks me up with jokes, and puts me at ease. He... READ MORE

25 Years Old, 120lbs - Getting Rid of Hereditary Double Chin!

I'm 25 years old - about to turn 26. I weigh around 120lbs. I don't eat healthy or exercise at all and I've always been relatively small - except for the double chin. I was a swimmer in high school and even in the best shape of my life, i still had one. It's hereditary in my family and I... READ MORE

Good bye double chin.. hopefully

I had 2 vials of kybella yesterday. I used lidocaine cream so I did not feel any one the injections. I am still numb today from the injections. I was extremely swollen yesterday. I slept with my neck compressed with a bandage , I do believe this has helped some. I feel like I've been hit bGy a... READ MORE

34 Yr Old, Wanted Min. Downtime from Procedure, Hoping to Get Real Results - Saint Joseph, MO

I went for my first treatment of Kybella @ 11:30 today. The procedure was less painful than I expected, though I am sore and swollen now. I am managing with ice and ibuprofen. I return for my 2nd treatment in 5 weeks. I paid $1200 and I plan on returning to work tomorrow. I am expecting minimul... READ MORE

47 year old kybella

I went for a consultation today for kybella. I must say i am very nervous about this. I am not one for injecting things into my body bit this double chin has to go. LORD be with me all the way! I have started taking arnica. READ MORE

Going to Get Kybella / Belkyra Tomorrow

I'm pretty nervous but I've been so insecure about my side profile since I was young. I just hope it works! If the kybella (belkyra in Canada) works for the the double chin area I may try lippodissolve/mesotherapy for the jowl area to contour the jawline. Here is my before photo and I will keep... READ MORE

Skinny girl looking for a nice jawline

Kybella had a coupon on their website for $100 off the treatment which helped. The doctor had me ice it for about five minutes and then she started injecting halfway through I started to feel the burning stinging sensation. When she was done I did feel a little bit nauseous and lightheaded but... READ MORE

Kybella -1 Week Later - Houston, TX

Not sure if I will undergo the 2nd treatment. this hurt like hell and I still have jaw pain and numbness. no one prepared me for the bull frog neck or bruising so I was a upset about that.I am still taking OTC meds to help with tenderness. I had to work afterwards and was avoiding people since... READ MORE

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