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Lumps on Lips After Juvederm

It is 3 1/2 days after I had Juvederm, and I have a number of bumps on my top lip that create an uneven line when my mouth is open (in addition to... READ MORE

Lumpy and Uneven Lips After Juvederm. Is This Normal? (photo)

I just had Juvederm injections in my lips yesterday afternoon for the first time (at this point it hasn't been 24 hours yet). I have been icing... READ MORE

Feeling Juvederm Lumps - is It Normal?

I had Juvederm injected 4 days ago. Should I be able to feel it everywhere it was injected? READ MORE

Massaging Lumps After Juvederm?

I had Juverderm injected in my lips on Saturday (today is Tuesday) and I have a noticeable lump on the inside of my upper lip. I have begun massaging... READ MORE

Massage Juvederm Injection Lump?

I had my "laugh lines" injected with Juvederm yesterday. Although there was no bruising, I got a noticeable lump on the left side close to... READ MORE

Lumpy Ridges and Bruises After Juvederm

I had Juvederm injected under my eyes for hollows. This was done almost 2 weeks ago. I have bruises under both eyes and small pillow-like ridges... READ MORE

Juvederm for Acne Scars Left Skin with Bumpy Appearance - is This Common?

I had Juvederm injected in various areas of my face with the intention of making acne scars less noticeable. That was accomplished, but the trade-off... READ MORE

Non-surgical Way to Restore Volume in Midface?

Having had Juvederm injections several times for smile lines before, one doctor said that she could inject it in my cheeks and under my eyes if I want... READ MORE

I Have a Hard Lump in Upper Lip from Juviderm. Will It Go Away? How Long Will It Take? (photo)

I just had juviderm in my upper lip. Now there's a hard bump on one side of my lip - almost at the inside of the mouth. That side is alos more... READ MORE

Should Juvederm Be Injected Directly into Marionette Lines?

My dermatologist told me that Juvederm should be injected alongside my marionette lines instead of directly into them. The result was good, and it... READ MORE

When Do I Contact my Doctor if Unhappy with Juvaderm Results?

Help!! Had Juvederm yesterday and it doesn't look right!! Yesterday I had Juvederm Ultra Plus injections to my naso-labial area and the dermatologist... READ MORE

Post-op: Is it normal to have lumps from Juvederm Voluma four days after getting the procedure?

Four days ago, I had Juvederm Voluma injected into the upper cheek area and also along the jawline. I also had regular Juvederm placed in the tear... READ MORE

6 Days Post Juvederm Lip Injections. I Can See These Clear Pockets/lumps on the Inside of my Lips. Is This Just Swelling?

My doctor's front desk lady told me this is completely normal. The more the swelling goes down, the more I can see these horrible lumps. But my... READ MORE

Swelling and Discoloration 3 Weeks Post Juvederm

I had bruising after injection that went away. Now it looks lumpy and I have reddish bluish areas going down at the inner corners of my mouth. This is... READ MORE

Bubble and Bruising After Juvederm on Lips

I had my lips injected with Juvederm. They look great and I am overall happy with the results. However, I have a "bubble" on my lip that I... READ MORE

Technique for Juvederm Lip Injections?

In the past, when I had Zyplast, the doctor injected it in the "channel" of the lips, along the lipline. This time, the Juvederm was injected, it... READ MORE

Why Did my Body Metastasize Juvederm Lip Injections So Quickly?

I had Juvederm (1 vial) injected, for the first time, in both my upper and lower lips a little over a month ago. I have lumps on the inside of just my... READ MORE

Lump After Juvederm Injection to Nasolabial Folds

I had Juvederm injected into my nasolabial folds just 24 hours ago. At around 12 hours, a rather large lump began to form right above the line of the... READ MORE

I had Juvederm injected yesterday by my temples and have huge lump. (photo)

I sink in by my temples and had juvederm injected yesterday. I have a half dollar size lump that looks like an ugly growth. Drs office said give it... READ MORE

Painful,swelling Lumps 11 Days After Juvederm Injection?

I have had restlyn injected in my lips many times in the past year, so I kind know what to expect after the injection( swollen, bruise). However 11... READ MORE

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