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My IPL Treatment for Freckles Worked Slightly, Should I Continue Treatment?

Hi i went for ipl treatment i have a very pale face with creamy like freckles(brown) and lots of them.i went for treatment , after my doctor gave me... READ MORE

Why Can IPL Burns Happen?

Why is it that IPL can cause burns to the skin? Isn't there a maximum setting that is tolerable for skin? It's pretty incredible that IPL settings can... READ MORE

IPL Settings Suggested For Light Pigmentation Therapy On Face?

Hi there! I am interested in going for light pigmentation therapy in my face. I am seeing a therapist using IPL and am sceptical of what setting... READ MORE

Are Different IPL Settings Required to Treat Mild Rosacea and Very Light Sun Spots or Can It Be Done at the Same Time?

My first IPL treatment removed most of the sun spots on my nose where they were most noticable and had some success with cappilaries around my nose.... READ MORE

What's the Appropriate Setting for First IPL Treatment?

I had my first IPL treatment yesterday. The person that applied it was not a physician but trained to use the machine. I did not feel pain nor was... READ MORE

What Wavelength of Laser or IPL Should Be Used?

What wavelength or setting of IPL or laser can I use to shrink my hair follicles? I don't want to remove my hair but just make it grow finer. If... READ MORE

No Results after 4 IPL Sessions. Settings high enough? (Photo)

I had 4 IPL sessions and I can't see relevant results. I got the infos of the settings they used. Are they too low? Could that be a reason why it... READ MORE

What Am I Supposed to Do? Sensitive Skin, Had IPL Using Diode System on Armpits and Got Burned? (photo)

I have a very sensitive skin... I underwent IPL using Diode system in my armpits and I got burned.. she set it on 27.. I am scared that the burns will... READ MORE

Is Syneron Safe? Is It Possible That the Setting Used for Me Was Too Strong?

My second appt w/IPL resulted in grooves around my eyes, one month following it. Is it possible she used too strong a setting for me?? Why do all the... READ MORE

Treating Scarring with IPL?

I have a client who is wanting IPL treatment for scarring. I was wondering if it's better to be treated as pigmentation or Skin rejuvenation? Also,... READ MORE

What should the IPL machine setting be to safely do the IPL procedure without getting a bad burned face or horrible results?

I am a light to medium skin tone face Hispanic whom has developed facial melasma on both front cheeks. I have always taken care of my face and skin.... READ MORE

Had IPL test spot done on sunspot. Spot looks same. Will I see results 2nd treatment?

If I ask derm to turn up the setting what would be safe? 1 setting up? I feel more comfortable being in control of setting. I'm only doing the actual... READ MORE

How long does it take your skin tone to even out after peeling from 1st degree burns from an IPL Laser Treatment? (photos)

I had an IPL Laser treatment last month.I've done this before w/ a good outcome, this time the tech had the settings too high causing 1st degree burns... READ MORE

Burns from IPL due to wrong settings used. Will it heal? (photo)

Hi. I had my third IPL treatment on my face and neck a week ago, and I was burned. I am now left with a few dark spots and pink skin under the dark... READ MORE

BBL IPL settings?

I have a test spot done at the med spa. I got amazing result, all freckles were gone within a week. I got hooked. Went in for a full back treatment.... READ MORE

Why is IPL not working to treat freckles on forearms?

I have had 4 IPL sessions to treat freckles on my forearms. The last 3 treatments have been on the highest setting. I have fair skin with light... READ MORE

Elight (IPL + RF) vs IPL alone. Can I adjust the elight setting to do more IPL and less RF? (Photo)

Is it the watt or the joules per spot determine the strength? If I am 43 years old and have stubborn age spots, freckles and some fine lines with a... READ MORE

I had an IPL performed by an affluent dermatogist several years ago and I have areas of deep scar tissue.

I only had a few spots and she did more than I asked for and was v aggressive, to the point where I have deep pockets of fibrosis. Are there any... READ MORE

What IPL Settings Should Be Used for Light Freckles?

Here is the response to the reply to my original post. The Fitzpatrick 17 was a type-o. I have dark hair, white skin, brown freckles, and dark eyes. I... READ MORE

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