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Will IPL Photorejuvenation and Chemical Peels Help Acne, Red Marks, Large Pores and Shallow Scars?

I've had 8 chemical peels (Jessner and TCA 15%), which initially greatly improved my pores and shallow scars, but hasn't improved my acne or redness... READ MORE

Is it normal to look like this after IPL treatment? Will it heal without scarring? Is it from having sun exposure? (Photo)

IPL had my 4th treatment done yesterday, my face felt burnt I placed cold towels on it for hours. Is this normal. She's telling me its normal and I'll... READ MORE

Is IPL okay to use for my skin? Is it too risky? (photos)

I'm considering IPL but am not sure if it is the right treatment for me.... I am after an opinion from a professional who isn't trying to sell me on a... READ MORE

Burn from IPL - will it scar? How long until it heals? Nurse from med spa says it will 100% but not convinced (Photo)

Asian female, age 32. Average sun exposure living in Los Angeles. I am not new to IPL and never had any extreme response to any laser before. This was... READ MORE

I Had IPL and There is a Blister on my Chin, Will this Scar?

It's been four days. Technician said it would go away within five days. Not a chance. Blistered area seems to be getting smaller, but am concerned... READ MORE

Red Scars/hyperpigmentation on Face from Bad Shaving, Is IPL an Option?

I have permanent red scars/hyperpigmentation from bad razor burn above my lip (mustache area) and under chin from bad shaving. I still shave over... READ MORE

Treating Scarring with IPL?

I have a client who is wanting IPL treatment for scarring. I was wondering if it's better to be treated as pigmentation or Skin rejuvenation? Also,... READ MORE

IPL caused 2nd degree burn and blisters. (Photo)

Hello,I was badly burned from IPL on both sides of my nose. They blistered then scabbed. The provider told me to use cortison but I just can't trust... READ MORE

Am I permanently scarred? (Photo)

Had ipl photo rejuv for a broken capillary and this has happened in the first 12hours. There is no scabbing and it doesn't hurt. What can i do? READ MORE

IPL Scarring: White stripes on face. Will this go away? (photos)

I had my first IPL treatment 15 days ago. I went b/c I have some age spots in one area of my face that bother me. The technician did my whole face to... READ MORE

This is my 5th session for laser hair removal but today has the worst side effect. Will this go away? Will it scar? (photo)

It usually was just red spots which would be gone within a week. But now the technician used another type of laser as she said my hairs have become... READ MORE

Large indentation line on cheek, is it scarring or skin tissue disorder? (photo)

I have noticed the last few months a large indentation line running down my cheek. I had IPL laser earlier in the year and not sure if I had it before... READ MORE

IPL burn marks on legs. How should I go about the healing process? (Photo)

Two days ago I received LPL treatment for the first time on my legs for hair removal.. I noticed the machine fluctuated at 69 to 70. As my electrician... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend to get rid of these red marks? Would IPL work? (Photos)

When I was a teenager my GP gave me a topical cream for what he thought was rosacea (never been convinced this is what it was and have never had... READ MORE

Help. Is this normal? I'm concerned my face was burned and this could lead to scarring. (photos)

The IPL treatment was done 18 hours ago. She said it was normal; that my skin would clear up in 24-48 hours. The right side of my face is swollen like... READ MORE

I had an IPL on 4/4 in my derm office. I am Hispanic and have had a total of 4 of them. Am I scarred for life? (Photo)

Is it going to get better?I had an IPL on 4/4 in my derm office. I am hispanic and have had a total of 4 of them. The spots turn dark brown then fall... READ MORE

I had small brown spots removed by IPL. Later I had huge brown patches and scarring created by IPL. Do I do IPL again?

I had 2 IPL treatments to remove small brown spots on my cheeks and it was successful. Then, a year later, I went to a different doctor and had a... READ MORE

Has anyone studied Ipl and Laser Damage Treatment?

Thousands of women around the world are experiencing fat atrophy and scarring from ipl and Laser even when performed by reputable dermatologists. It... READ MORE

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