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IPL Marks Permanent?

One of my friends had her arms treated with IPL, and she had marks all over the area after the treatment. The marks were itching for 4 days and were... READ MORE

Chances of Side Effects from Palomar IPL Machine?

After being recommended IPL by my dermatologist for my sparse, thin beard because of chronic ingrown hairs and blemishes, I'm thinking of doing it.... READ MORE

Blisters to Chest, Back and Legs After IPL

One week ago, today, I had the IPL laser tx on my entire body excluding my stomach. I was not told that blisters would develop. Actually, she (the... READ MORE

Can I Use my Home IPL Hair Removal System on my Scar?

Can I use my IPL at home hair removal system on a scar? Is the IPL used for hair removal the same IPL used to remove scars? I know that this machine... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burns: How to Prevent Scarring?

Hi. Recently I traveled to China and recieved laser hair removal treatments for my legs. I believe the machine used was an IPL machine. All of my... READ MORE

Scarring from Blisters After IPL

I recently had IPL for broken capillaries around my nose. I blistered bad after and now have red scars on each side of my nose. It has been about a... READ MORE

Swelling and Redness After IPL?

Had IPL two days ago on my face. Left side, I have a red area and the size of a dime it is very red and looks like it could scab. The left side is... READ MORE

I have itchy red bumps on my legs after IPL. Is there any way this can be improved? (photos)

Hi ive just done my 3rd treatment on my lower legs 2 days ago, and now my whole legs are covered on red itchy bumps, similar to rash. im afraid they... READ MORE

IPL for Facial Scars? (photo)

Hi, I am interested in getting IPL to fix the large dark scars on my cheek area along with sun spots, etc. I got the scars a few years ago from a... READ MORE

Burned by IPL Laser on Arm

A Light Crust Has Formed. Will It Leave a Scar? What Should I Do to Avoid Scarring? this is the third laser sitting. in last sitting also i got... READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing for IPL Burns?

I had IPL done on June 11th on my face and now have burns on my cheeks and chin. I went back to the doctor and when he saw them he looked mortified.... READ MORE

Chances of Increased IPL Scarring if Not Enough Gel is Used?

I've been reading that if providers do not use enough gel when treating patients with ipl, this can increase etchmark scarring. What does this gel... READ MORE

IPL for Outdoorsy People?

I am a 50-ish female who is athletic; biking, ski instructor. What kind of skin treatments are recommended to even out my skin tone (basal scars,... READ MORE

How Do You Prevent Further Scarring from IPL?

I had an IPL treatment last week and have already noticed a few spots (about the size of my finger tip in my cheek and below my eye) that are slightly... READ MORE

Can I Lighten the Chicken Pox Marks with IPL?

I had chicken pox when i was 16, now i am 36yrs old. They are not Indentations. They just look like large dark spots. CAn they be relieved or... READ MORE

Would this scar heel as it is caused by IPL laser hair removal? (photos)

Hi I have had ipl laser treatment done and the following day I realise there was a mark on my skin, it was also swollen now the swelling has gone down... READ MORE

After treatment the surrounding area of my scar is an even darker color. Is this normal? (photo)

I received my first IPL treatment today for the burn scar on my arm. Not much information was given about the side effects of this treatment. Anyways,... READ MORE

Can IPL Be Used to Treat Scars?

I had a mole removed by radiosurgery. It was bright red, and over the last 7-8 months has become lighter, a brown color (not dissimilar to the mole).... READ MORE

2 days post op Second IPL treatment on my lower legs. I got an extremely itchy rash/bumps. Any suggestions?

I am taking Xergic tablet once a day which helped with the itchiness slightly. I am putting on aloe vera and Soov cream on legs as well. Today it is... READ MORE

IPL, Facial and Extractions in the Same Session?

Or can this cause scarring? Noticing many practitioners at medspas will do both at the same session. READ MORE

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