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IPL Recovery: Has Skin Picking Caused Damage?

I have light olive Asian skin and just got my IPL treatment 1.5 days ago. No serious reactions yet, just slight flaking. My brown spots and freckles... READ MORE

Removing Scabs After IPL

My face is still covered by very dark spots 2 days after IPL. I have a big presentation in 2 days. It is safe to remove half dried scab myself or... READ MORE

Best Treatment for White Patches Left After IPL?

Today is the tenth day after my IPL procedure. All the scabs are gone, but I was left with white patches where the scabs were. What is the best... READ MORE

IPL Burn Marks. What Is My Best Option? (photo)

Hi i have had 1 session of ipl treatmen to get rid of pigmentation on my face. The area which was burnt was very paniful for about an hour and then... READ MORE

Do brown spots always scab up after an IPL treatment?

I had my second IPL treatment two days ago. After the first treatment, my brown spots scabbed up and then flaked off after about 7 days. The spots... READ MORE

Scab Came off Prematruely Form IPL?

I had IPl treatment on my arms for age spots and My scabs came off prematurely ( 2days after treatment) due to athletic tape getting on skin--Should I... READ MORE

Post IPL treatment: breakouts and pigmentation.

I am 38 years old Asian. I got IPL on 12/8/16. After the treatment, I had scabs all over my face, and my face even got swollen. From day 4, scabs... READ MORE

Are scabs and bruises normal after IPL? (Photo)

Yesterday I got an IPL treatment done and noticed my forehead looks like it's bruised and scabby. As well as under my chin. It hurts at times. Is this... READ MORE

Is more hyperpigmentation after IPL normal, or is my Dr trying to cover up the fact his staff burnt me?

Got ipl. Skin scabbed like first degree burns, that lasted a week. When that flaked off, my skin had more dark spots then what I went in with. The dr... READ MORE

IPL burn recovery time?

I have recently had an IPL treatment gone wrong for freckles and I was burned. Once the scabs healed and fell off I've been left with lighter colored... READ MORE

What causes indented lines from non ablative lasers and IPL?

I've had two seperate non ablative treatments, and both have lead to indented lines. No sign of and burns or scabbing in the area. I have notiticed... READ MORE

IPL caused 2nd degree burn and blisters. (Photo)

Hello,I was badly burned from IPL on both sides of my nose. They blistered then scabbed. The provider told me to use cortison but I just can't trust... READ MORE

I have purchased a IPL hair removal device and have used it twice now on my tattoo to try and remove it. Help Please? (photo)

It scabbed up (not enough to scar) the first time through the week and the scabbed parts fell off and there was less ink on the tattoo in those parts.... READ MORE

Will this get better? Any suggestions for additional treatment for me to resolve this? (Photo)

Lease shorten your question. I had ipl done to treat freckles on my hands about 2 weeks ago and it resulted in burns. Scabs fell off in about 10 days... READ MORE

What to do when scab peels off after IPL, leaving whitish/slight pinkish "new" skin? (photo)

Had IPL on entire face 4 days ago by RN. I had pigmentation (melasma?) at forehead, so levels there were set higher. Device used was Alma 360; it was... READ MORE

Will superficial peel or IPL treat light brown discoloration caused by Neostrata after 4 months, or worsen it? (Photo)

I had this done many times before with good results(IPL&peel).Before my last treatment I had more sun exposure than usual and my skin was dry(always... READ MORE

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