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How Long Will It Take PIH Caused by IPL to Resolve?

I had IPL on my neck, shoulders and chest with an Alma Hamony device. I experienced good results with my first treatment, but the energy level was... READ MORE

IPL for Hair Removal and PIH?

About a year ago i started 808mn Laser Diode hair removal treatment. After 10 treatments in face, legs, arms, underarms , i have not remove the hair... READ MORE

I have PIH from a burn, cannot use hydroquinone or lytera. What would you recommend? (photo)

Had a burn onbmy face from IPL laser a month ago. i refuse to live for years with it. it is btw brown and red. based on the picture is it Dermal or... READ MORE

Is the IPL the Right Treatment for PIH?

I have some PIH mostly caused by my own bad habit at picking at my occasional skin flare-ups.I assist PT at a spa where they will do these tx's at no... READ MORE

Treatment options for 1st and 2nd degree IPL burn under the eye. What should I do? Is it permanent?

My dr used a bbl on a very black eye. i blistered in some areas. 7-10 days later the blisters went away but i was left with redne/brown pih (it has... READ MORE

Treatment options for IPL burn? How long before I can do some kind of laser to speed recovery?

Two weeks ago, my dr used ipl or bbl for a bruise under my eye. the bruise was so black that i got a burn with a couple of blisters (i did ipl before... READ MORE

IPL effectiveness after 2 treatments?

I have acne and red post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation marks that I was hoping to treat with IPL. My first session had no effect whatsoever. I am... READ MORE

IPL to remove post inflammatory hyperpigmentation - PIH?

What is the best way to remove post inflammatory hyperpigmentation - PIH after laser co2. Is IPL is a good solution? READ MORE

I have PIH from IPL burn. Can I mix lytera with cortisone?

Hydroquinone irritates me makingbme red. so does lytera, but not as badly, but still enough not to be able to use it without tingling and redness (bc... READ MORE

I used hidroquinone on PIH after IPL laser burn. Two days later I'm very red. How do I minimize the chances of making PIH worse?

I had a laser burn 1.5 months ago. i used lumixyl, elure, neocutis. tried triluma 2 nights ago and it caused the area to become very red. how do i... READ MORE

How long shall I use cortisone for erythrma after IPL?

I did ipl for pih + redness under eyelids. i had erythema for a week until i put a little cortisone yesterday. i am better and even the pih is... READ MORE

Are these IPL burned marks, PIH, or just normal browning? (photo)

I got these around my mouth 2 days after my IPL session, which had never occurred to me before. Just wondering if they are burned? PIH? or they are... READ MORE

Exfoliants and lightening agents prior to IPL?

I have PIH and use AHA/Differin w/ improvement on a regular basis. I tried 4% hydroquinone w/ minimal success (x3 months) and suggested an IPL. Should... READ MORE

Is it OK to have extractions done before or after IPL?

I am scheduled for my 1st elos skin rejuvenation (ipl) treatment, scheduled it on a whim during a consult for something unrelated at a plastic surgery... READ MORE

Severe PIH from IPL laser treatment for acne scarring. How can I erase it?

I am of a dark complexion and used IPL laser (performed and recommended by the dermatologist) to treat my bacne and hyperpigmentation (. I got burnt... READ MORE

Did IPL work? (Photo)

I had Lumecca IPL done 2 days ago for acne PIH (mostly red marks, a few brown marks). From what I read the spots are supposed to get very dark, then... READ MORE

Lumeca ipl done about 4 weeks ago - 3 weeks later big patches appeared, melasma or pih? (photos)

So I got 2 or three zaps per side treating a few broken blood vessels and 2 small frekles. I was left with a huge spot redish brown. I got my... READ MORE

What are my options for removing discoloration? (Photo)

I had an IPL treatment done 9 days ago for red/brown PIH left behind from acne. None of the spots faded or flaked off- they only darkened in color and... READ MORE

Any doctors in NYC who uses a woodlamp? I need to understand whether i have epidermal or dermal pih after IPL laser burn.

I had a bbl burn 1.5 months ago., under my eye. i can't use hydroquinone because it makes me very red. i am currently using aza clear. i used medlite... READ MORE

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