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Intense Pulsed Light Rosacea - Will It Reduce Facial Redness?

I'm 20 and have rosacea. It started to appear at around 15 and got steadily worse. Face is red most of the time now, particularly the nose. Also... READ MORE

Best Melasma, Redness and Large Pores Treatment for Sensitive Skin?

I am 33 years old, and have sensitive skin (i.e. I don't respond well to glycolic acid). My cocerns are: slight browness/possible melasma on my... READ MORE

Any Suggestions for Burn Marks on my Nose After IPL?

I am of Asian origin. I have had 4 successful treatments for pigmentation on my nose. On my last visit, I received what I believe is a contact burn on... READ MORE

Inflammation After IPL on Rosacea

I had an IPL treatment for rosacea nose redness. It looked all right when the treatment was completed, but several hours later, my nose was about as... READ MORE

Considering IPL: How Essential is It That I Consult with a Doctor First?

I'm pretty certain that IPL is the appropriate remedy for my red spots (broken veins around the nose and on the cheek) and freckles. Neither are... READ MORE

IPL treatment for facial veins on cheeks and nose. I have bruising or broken blood vessels on my cheeks. Is this normal?

I had IPL treatment yesterday for facial veins on my cheeks and nose it was my second treatment no problem treating the veins on my nose. On my cheeks... READ MORE

Photosensitivity After IPL Treatment?

I had an IPL treatment for a mole on my nose. I wore protective goggles and closed my eyes, but I could still see the flash from the light. Is that... READ MORE

IPL 6 Months Following Rhinoplasty

Hello. I had open approach rhinoplasty six months ago and am consequently still at the stage where there is still some post operative swelling. My... READ MORE

Is IPL Effective for my Skin? (photo)

Hello, I have very red cheeks & nose. They get easily red by cold weather, alcohol, sugar and so on.. So I went to a doctor who uses IPL to treat... READ MORE

IPL for Veins on Nose?

I am having IPL mainly for veins on my nose. My doctor only directed the wand along the edges of my nose. Is this how the procedure is usually done? READ MORE

IPL After Rhinoplasty

Dear Doctor, I am considering moustache IPL treatment and I had a nose job around 7 months ago. I know most parts do not effect the nose but really... READ MORE

Can IPL be used on the nose?

I had a series of 3 IPLs between Feb & April 2014 on my cheeks and nose due to redness (rosacea) and broken capillaries. I also had a rhinoplasty in... READ MORE

Nervous about permanent damage from IPL laser for broken capillaries. (photo)

5 days ago I had a laser treatment to remove broken capillaries and spider veins from my nose. The laser did a great job on the spider veins. They're... READ MORE

Do IPL photofacials cause dry flaky skin around nose and cheeks?

I recently had three ipl photofacials with great results. I no longer flush from rosacea and my skin only has a mild redness at times. However, after... READ MORE

I got a laser treatment to remove a red spot on my nose, and now it is very dark and I'm worried?

Hello everyone! So I recieved 2 laser treatments for this small bright red dot on my nose that made me like Rudolph. The first treatment didnt really... READ MORE

Can IPL laser treatment help me with these red marks on my face? If so, how many sessions would I need? (Photo)

It looks like a bunch of red splotches all over my cheeks, chin and nose and I was born with them. READ MORE

I had IPL for the first time Friday afternoon for broken capillaries on my nose. Is this a normal reaction? (photos)

Sent pictures to my doctor yesterday.. He seems I'm concerned but I am really surprised by the blistering, swelling and skin peeling. READ MORE

When should I see a difference with IPL and rosacea?

I had my first IPL treatment around 2 weeks ago. I have rosacea with pink/red base redness on cheeks and nose with broken capillaries on/around nose... READ MORE

Indent on the Corner of my Nose After IPL

I recently had IPL to minimize broken vessels around the edges of my nose. On one side I was zapped so hard that it caused a scab. After the scab... READ MORE

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