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Why is IPL Not Working on Brown Spots?

I had 4 ipl treatments on face to get rid of brown spots and there is no improvement and my facial cosmetic surgeon is extremely qualified to do the... READ MORE

Why Is There No Difference After 2nd IPL Session?

After my 1st IPL session, I had immediate dark spots that fell off within a week! Great improvement! 4 wks later, at my 2nd IPL session (at another... READ MORE

Haven't Had Any Results After Two IPL Treatments For Acne Scars; What Can I Do? (photo)

I have acne scare on my face and i want to remove that. my dr suggest me for ipl acne mode and i start that on first i didnt got any result. its fine... READ MORE

No Results from IPL?

I had 2 IPL treatments. I am 24 with some new signs of sun damage. I was trying to correct the sundamage as well as PIH marks (red in color). My skin... READ MORE

Freckles Got Darker After Second IPL Treatment

I had my 1st IPL a while back for my freckles & 2 hrs later my freckles immediately looked like "pepper" & they peeled off 7 days later.... READ MORE

IPL Hair Removal on Face Does Not Work?

Hello, I've been doing IPL hair removal on my face and legs for a year now. While my legs have responded well, my face has not. The hairs were very... READ MORE

So Far Have Had 6 IPL Treatments to Treat Rosacea Sunburn-like Diffuse Redness, Hasn't Helped, What Should I Do?

Reduce/remove the awful facial redness like I thot it wud, but has helped sumwhat reduce the 'prickly heat/stinging' sensations; the machine... READ MORE

No Results after 4 IPL Sessions. Settings high enough? (Photo)

I had 4 IPL sessions and I can't see relevant results. I got the infos of the settings they used. Are they too low? Could that be a reason why it... READ MORE

What if IPL Did Not Help? V-beam? (photo)

Hello, I'm a 19 y/o man with a permanent red skin (cheeks & nose, also some vissible veins, no pustules and papules), it started when i was 15-16.... READ MORE

Ipl Treatment Not Effective For Hair Removal On Legs?

I had ipl treatment for hair removal of my legs yesterday, but the doctor didn't even visit me and a woman whom i think was the secretary did set the... READ MORE

I had 6 sessions of IPL and didn't get any result. What should I do?

After 6 session. Of IPL I have more pegmentations in my face that I didn't have before. I told them about my concern and they said that maybe my face... READ MORE

First session of IPL didn't produce coffee grounds/any results... was done by an MD and the PA that works for the laser manufacturer. I spoke with the MD and told her there were no results and she said that... READ MORE

I had about 10 IPL session for my underarm and 5 on my full legs and Hollywood. However now I can see no results. Why?

My underarm had some results first - I could see hair falling down but they'd grow back. My legs first looked better. Hair would grow back slower.... READ MORE

What if you don't peel or have any effects from the IPL?

What does this mean? We went from 16 on the first session to 19 on the second session. Should I see results already or should I keep having IPL's done... READ MORE

Why are there no results from my first IPL?

I had pigmentation/freckle removed on my chest. The spots were already brown before. After the treatment, my doc said they looked more brown. 6 days... READ MORE

I have had 4 IPL treatments for rosecea and acne and have not seen improvements. What could it be? (Photo)

I had a baby 7 months ago and the hormones have destroyed my face. I also breastfeed. Not sure if that contributes to anything .. READ MORE

Why have I had no results from one treatment of IPL?

I had some freckles/sun damage removed with Ellipse performed by a Dr/Dermatologist 2 weeks ago. No peeling, nothing. I also have some stubborn... READ MORE

No hair loss after multiple IPL sessions

Hi, I had my fourth StarLux IPL session (in 5 months) for bikini hair removal three weeks ago but still can not see any reduction in hair growth, at... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between LHE and IPL?

I had LHE treatments recently to treat rosacea and it was a complete waste of money. I thought LHE was a "photofacial" but now I see that I may have... READ MORE

No Results On Facial Hair With IPL. Will Coolglide Laser Be Effective?

I Have Facial Hair on my Face, Ive Already Done IPL Treatment Which Did Not Work, Am Very Disappointed, Wasted Alot of Money. Now am thinking of doing... READ MORE

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