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Darkening of Upper Lip After 8 Seesion of IPL for Hair Removal??

I had 8 seesions IPL on my upper lip for hair removal purposes only. (fair asian skin,dark hair). I had good results,after the last session on 6 OCT... READ MORE

I Had a IPL Treatment with Sciton 5 Days Ago. Burned? (photo)

I have had a few successful IPL treatments in the past for facial sun damage, with typical darkening of spots and subsequent flaking (have Type II... READ MORE

Will the Burn Marks Disappear on my Leg After IPL Treatment?

I had IPL treatment on 16 April 11, nearly two weeks, the burn marks are getting darker, no sign of disappearance. I extremely concern these will... READ MORE

Is IPL Treatment Working?

I had ipl for sunspots on face hands and arms 11 days age. Test patches caused coffee grinds but treatment has just caused mild darkening of patches.... READ MORE

Will Darkening of Upper Lip Fade From IPL?

I am having IPL on my upper lip, I have had 8 seeions so far with good results. One day after my last seesion I noticed slight darkening of my upper... READ MORE

Freckles Got Darker After Second IPL Treatment

I had my 1st IPL a while back for my freckles & 2 hrs later my freckles immediately looked like "pepper" & they peeled off 7 days later.... READ MORE

I Had IPL on One of my Mole, That Skin Area Get Darker After 3 Weeks, Any Treatment Can Undo That?

I had IPL on one of my mole on my face, it got burned badly and went off after 3 weeks leaving behind a dark area. Is there any treatment that can fix... READ MORE

After treatment the surrounding area of my scar is an even darker color. Is this normal? (photo)

I received my first IPL treatment today for the burn scar on my arm. Not much information was given about the side effects of this treatment. Anyways,... READ MORE

After laser, my skin become darker than before it was?

I'm really disappointed with the result of laser to remove spot and scar. My whole face is even darker and even more scar before it was? I want to... READ MORE

IPL didn't remove my age spots and actually made them appear darker. What can I try that will be effective?

I tried five IPL treatments (at two different centers) for the removal of age spots on my face. I had no results.... in fact, the spots are now much... READ MORE

I had my third IPL treatment today. Spots got darker.

This time I feel the spots got darker causing some sort of "coffee grind" type of skin. Is this normal? I have been applying sunscreen, aloe vera and... READ MORE

Armpit darkened so badly after IPL. Is there a reason why? (Photo)

Pls help. I went for ipl for six times and suddenly realised that my skin is so dark and black now. Is there a reason why? I used to have shingles... READ MORE

Should I continue with IPL treatment for age spots? (Photo)

I've had three treatments with IPL laser for an age spot on my chest. The spot seems larger and darker than before I started the treatment, should I... READ MORE

How do I get rid of these sunspots/freckles? Is IPL a good option? (photos)

I am a 30-year-old male of Hispanic descent. I've had these sunspots ever since I was a child but they were very light in color back then and rarely... READ MORE

Pigment Gets Darker After 2nd IPL Treatment

I'm nearly 50yrs old lady,n i'm Malaysian and my skin is fair with pigment.I did IPL pigmentation 7th April for the first treatment and my... READ MORE

I Have Got a Burn After my 3rd IPL Session Which Was Done After 10 Days of a TCA Peel(15%)? (photo)

There is a Dark Patch and I Need Help. I have been getting underarm IPL hair removal treatments.The 1st 2 sessions were fine.After that I had got a... READ MORE

Skin is Very Dark After Second IPL

I had a few dark spots in my face, after second IPL my skin was burned and appear a large black shadow and new bigger dark spots, I continue with two... READ MORE

Should All Treated Brown Spots Turn Darker?

I had limelight laser treatment 4 days ago. I have many freckles and sun spots. I had a full face treatment. What should my face be looking like at... READ MORE

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