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How Should I Handle Hyperpigmentation from IPL Burns?

I am an Asian female who underwent IPL to treat folliculitus and ingrown hairs. On my fourth treatment I suffered superficial burns on my bikini line,... READ MORE

After IPL I Have Two Burn Blisters and Dark Marks That Never Existed - is This Normal?

After IPL , I have two burn blisters on my forehead and darkened marks that never existed on my forehead, and this was the clearest part of my face...... READ MORE

Treatment for IPL Laser Burns?

2 years ago (8/08) I had IPL laser treatment to remove freckling on my chest at a "Medical Spa". The tech. apparently did NOT know what she... READ MORE

Treatment of Hyperpigmentation After IPL (Hair Removal) Burns

I have had 2 treatments for hair removal on my legs and both times were fine. The 3rd time was 10 days ago and after I left the spa my legs felt like... READ MORE

Swelling and Blisters After IPL

I had an IPL proceedure done this afternoon. By the time I arrived home, I was very swollen and have large blisters appearing all over. They then... READ MORE

Eyebrow Hair Burnt off During IPL

I had IPL yesterday. The technician accidentally burnt a good portion of one eyebrow. Will this grow back (I hope so)? How long will this take? Is... READ MORE

Will White Marks from an IPL Burn Heal on Its Own?

Hi. Over a month ago, I got small burns from an IPL. They scabbed, which eventually came off, but left white marks. After that month passed and I went... READ MORE

IPL Burns Still Tender After Three Weeks

Three weeks ago I had IPL for my face and neck. I had it to treat some discolorations around my mouth, 10 spots to be precise. But the procedure... READ MORE

Proper Treatment of Hyperpigmentation After IPL?

On my second IPL treatment, my left and right cheeks got burned. The doctor told me to apply some steroid cream. After 2 weeks, part of my cheek... READ MORE

I Had a IPL Treatment with Sciton 5 Days Ago. Burned? (photo)

I have had a few successful IPL treatments in the past for facial sun damage, with typical darkening of spots and subsequent flaking (have Type II... READ MORE

IPL for Sun Spots on Asian Skin?

I am of Asian descent. I have very fair (almost pale) skin. I am 30 yrs old. I also have some sun spots on my face that can be covered with make up. I... READ MORE

Recovery from IPL Burns?

I had IPL done on my upper lip and chin 8 weeks ago. It left me with burns on these areas. The skin is now red in some areas and brown in others. I... READ MORE

How Can I Speed Up the Healing from IPL Burns?

About 7 months ago I had several IPL treatments done on my face, chest and hands. Great results. Went back fore several more. Then I asked the laser... READ MORE

IPL Hair Removal Burns

Had hair removal IPL burns, would the burns leave trace or pigmentations? i am light skin female, had IPL burns 3 days ago on legs & arms,... READ MORE

What to Do About IPL Burn?

I had an IPL done 9 months ago and was burnt. It created an irregular pigmentation on my skin that I still can't get rid for 9 months. It almost looks... READ MORE

I was told to do nothing to my IPL burn / blister. Is this right?

I had IPL this afternoon. Have had it twice before over a 3 year period so know what to expect. The machine burnt me this time. The practitioner... READ MORE

Why Can IPL Burns Happen?

Why is it that IPL can cause burns to the skin? Isn't there a maximum setting that is tolerable for skin? It's pretty incredible that IPL settings can... READ MORE

Burn Marks to Forearm Post Laser Hair Removal Using IPL, Will They Go Away?

Asian with light brown skin and dark hair — the tech said she was using IPL.. The right arm looks okay but there are burn marks at the top of the l... READ MORE

IPL or Laser Hair Removal Setting Concerns

I'm a male, and I would love to remove some hair on my chest, and also some on my face. But I really don't want to get burned, even though they all... READ MORE

I had my 3rd IPL on my chest today and got severe burns, what can I do to heal this atrocity? (photos)

My 3rd IPL on my chest, yes I did have a tan, but the same as the last 2 times which went great.The NP that performed past treatments left so the Dr.... READ MORE

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