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Do IPL Treatments Cause Broken Capillaries on Face?

I did my first IPL treatment (full face) and noticed after a week, many broken capillaries around my cheek and chin area I didn't have before the... READ MORE

After IPL - When Will Broken Capillaries Disappear?

I had my first IPL 2 weeks ago to treat broken capillaries on my cheeks. I still haven't seen them go away. How long until I see a difference? READ MORE

IPL Vs. ProFractional Resurfacing?

I am 29, have pale-ish olive skin. Have darker, pigmented spots on my face,some fine lines, light acne scarring on my forehead, and several broken... READ MORE

IPL for Broken Capillaries?

I have broken capillaries around the nose area. I was told IPL would be good, but I am afraid of getting burned or swollen. The test patch left small... READ MORE

Intense Pulsed Light Rosacea - Will It Reduce Facial Redness?

I'm 20 and have rosacea. It started to appear at around 15 and got steadily worse. Face is red most of the time now, particularly the nose. Also... READ MORE

IPL vs Laser Genesis vs BBL Laser for Broken Capillaries

Hi, hope someone can help. I just paid $1500 for one treatment of Fraxel and I wanted it to get rid of my red broken capillaries and red in my cheeks... READ MORE

Lumecca IPL. There doesn't seem to be any reviews of it that I can find. I was wondering what the doctors think of it.

I am fair skinned, natural dark blond, green eyes, 40yr old. I have some brown spots from tanning when younger, I am now religious about hats &... READ MORE

Redness And More Visible Broken Blood Vessels After IPL for Rosacea- Normal?

I had my first IPL treatment for rosacea a few days ago. My face is still red, and the my broken vessel is more visible. Is it normal on the first... READ MORE

Upset and Very Scared After Ipl. Afraid my Face is Ruined. Eyes Are Swollen Shut and Bruising.

I received ipl yesterday for a few broken capillaries on my cheeks and a couple patches of over pigmentation due to hormone replacement therapy. I am... READ MORE

Topical Cream for Broken Capillaries After IPL?

Is there any topical cream or ointment I could use to lighten the red spot (broken capillary) on my nose? READ MORE

IPL Alternative for People with Sun Sensitivities?

I recently visited a well known cosmetic dermatologist regarding reducing the redness from capillaries around my nose as well as evening out my facial... READ MORE

Treatment for IPL Complications?

In February, I had a "Vitalize" chemical peel which left some red capillaries. I went back a month later to have an IPL treatment for... READ MORE

Will consuming alcohol within 24 hours after having IPL affect the results?

Have just had my ipl yearly top up, i have a few pink areas & very light, hardly visable broken capillaries that seam to have almost gone, i had to... READ MORE

IPL Treatment for Under Eye Area?

What are your views on IPL treatment for blood vessels or broken capillaries under the eyes? Would you recommend it? Thank you! READ MORE

Can IPL Be Used to Treat Broken Capillaries Under Eyes?

I am almost ready to go see a Dr. about my Broken Capillaries. I have gotten some great information about the IPL. I also have some broken capillaries... READ MORE

Bumpy, Rough Texture from IPL Done 7 Weeks Ago, is This Permanent?

I had an IPL fotofacial on my face for broken blood vessels. I was very swollen for about 7 days mostly on the upper cheeks. I now have rough skin and... READ MORE

IPL After Accutane

I went on accutane for a total of 4 months. (stopped due to side effects) I have been off accutane for 2 months, and my skin looks horrible. I still... READ MORE

Will Vitamin C Serum or Licorice Root Extract After IPL Help Repair Capillaries?

Hello, I recently had an ipl treatment for redness and some broken capillaries on my nose. Can I use a vitamin c serum or a serum containing licorice... READ MORE

Will drinking alcohol after IPL effect results?

Hi (: I had IPL done for the second time (2 weeks apart) on a broken capillary. The night after (over 24 hours after) I had a fair amount of alcohol... READ MORE

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