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Treatment to Fade 2nd Degree Burn Mark. Will IPL or Other Treatment Work?

I'd 2nd deg burn 3 wks ago in the chest,arm & on the face near the mouth. Has almost healed with dark patch. I'm brown skinned & wondering... READ MORE

Is IPL Treatment Working?

I had ipl for sunspots on face hands and arms 11 days age. Test patches caused coffee grinds but treatment has just caused mild darkening of patches.... READ MORE

Blisters After IPL/Broad Band Light on Arms?

I had IPL/Broad Band Light on my arms 9 days ago. My arms were very red and proceeded to blister about 3 hours later. My laser tech told me to put... READ MORE

Burned by IPL Laser on Arm

A Light Crust Has Formed. Will It Leave a Scar? What Should I Do to Avoid Scarring? this is the third laser sitting. in last sitting also i got... READ MORE

IPL Treatment for Arm. Interval Between Treatments?

I have had 13 treatments of ipl for hair removal on arm. After which I still have hairs. The first four treatments were spaced weekly apart. After... READ MORE

Blisters and pain up and down arms after IPL freckle removal treatment. Was I burned? (photos)

I had an IPL freckle removal procedure done by an RN and had some pretty intense pain after (could barely drive home). The pain went away after... READ MORE

Can limited sun exposure cause significant skin damage after IPL Hair Removal? (Photo0

I had IPL hair removal on my arms, hands, legs, bekini. I never sunbathe but do wear short sleeve tops in summer without SPF. Since the IPL (7... READ MORE

Can I Use Topical Lightener to Even out Mixed Hypo + Hyperpigmented Skin Following IPL Burn?

Hi, my forearms were badly burned and extensively blistered during an IPL, (2nd degree). I now have new, white skin covering about 80% of the area... READ MORE

Scab Came off Prematruely Form IPL?

I had IPl treatment on my arms for age spots and My scabs came off prematurely ( 2days after treatment) due to athletic tape getting on skin--Should I... READ MORE

IPL Hypopigmentation - HELP! (Photo)

I had IPL 3 weeks ago and have SEVERE hypopigmentation all over my shoulders and arms. I'm devastated. Is there any way to even this out? READ MORE

Is A IPL Risk to Vasculitis Sufferers? Is There A More Effective Forearm Rejuvenation Tx?

I have recently developed a rash over various parts of my body (face excluded) which my GP believes is palpable purpura (or vasculitis). If it is... READ MORE

The skin on my arms is pink from an IPL Treatment, is this normal? (photo)

My skin is pink and uneven, do you suggest another IPL treatment to rectify my issue. Kind of scared to go back. READ MORE

Fair skinned 37 year old redhead female with lots of freckles on shoulders, arms and hands - would BBL treat? (photo)

Looking to remove or at least reduce the freckling as I feel very self concious in summer particularly. Some of the freckles are low contrast, would... READ MORE

Red, itchy rash following IPL to chest - how to get rid of it? (Photo)

I had IPL to my chest and arms 12 days ago. My chest developed a red, raised itchy rash. I called back to my PS office on day 9because the rash was... READ MORE

Can a kid have IPL hair removal ?

I have a daugther. she is 7 and she is very, very hairy on her back and arms. she wans to have hair removal . can she have ipl hair removal? READ MORE

What can be done to correct IPL treatment that left "machine mark" light rectangles all over my arms ? (photos)

As you can see the pigmentation of the skin where the laser surface pressed the skin. The procedure was to intense for a first time IPL and was not... READ MORE

How to reduce redness from Keratosis Pilaris on arms? (photos)

I have been prescribed multiple creams for my keratosis pilaris rubra. Most recently I have been using a Retin-A cream (I believe tretinoin?) It has... READ MORE

Post IPL Recovery Question

Having IPL on arms & confused on post process regarding sun exposure. I read "avoid sun exposure & apply sun screen for X period of time".I currently... READ MORE

I still have very bad swelling 1 week after having IPL to remove freckles on my arms. Is this normal?

I had IPL on my whole arms one week ago to remove freckles. The freckles have become darker and starting to look like they may start 'dissolving'.... READ MORE

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